How It Works.

Build applications that evolve with business needs

Take an iterative approach to rapidly delivering business applications. The Mendix App Platform supports a feedback cycle between end-users and project teams that continuously adapts applications to new business requirements.

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Mendix's social collaboration features allow project teams to plan and manage projects collaboratively from anywhere


Social collaboration is vital for building great enterprise apps. Mendix gives project stakeholders social productivity features like activity streams, agile project management and chat functionality so that project teams can plan and manage projects collaboratively from anywhere.


Design & Build

Design and build enterprise apps in a powerful visual modeling environment that can be readily understood by business and IT team members alike. This enables teams to build business applications much faster and easier than traditional means of software development.

Cloud Deployment


Deploy to the cloud with our famous “1-click deployment” in the secure and scalable Mendix Cloud or choose your own private cloud. Use separate development, test, acceptance and production environments to support best-practice agile software delivery.

Application Management Dashboard


Manage apps from a convenient dashboard within Mendix. User activity, app performance, database usage, license management and deployment security can all be monitored and controlled via a fully integrated dashboard. Configurable alerts and security support your organization’s app delivery process.

Continuous Integration


Mendix’s built in feedback mechanism is easy to configure and makes collecting and managing feedback simple and organized. Feedback tickets populate your collaboration space so you can easily accept issues and ideas as new user stories and comment back to the original submitter.

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