6 Good Reasons to Move Your Apps to the Cloud

Many IT managers are not sold on the cloud just yet. But here’s some ammo for making your argument to the CEO on why it’s a good idea.

It seems like IT spent a good percentage of the aughts (a.k.a. the 2000s) getting its arms around server consolidation and virtualization. The advent of 64-bit computing let us shatter the 4GB memory barrier and we could dispense with those rows upon rows of low utilization servers in favor of a virtualized, rack-mounted multiprocessor machine that ran dozens of virtual PCs on one piece of physical hardware. Continue reading

The History of Visual Development Environments: Imagine There’s no IDEs. It’s Difficult if You Try.

There was a time when programs were written in text editors. And when competition between C++ vendors was actually fierce. Step into the time travel machine with us as we revisit the evolution and impact of the visual development metaphor. Continue reading