What’s on your mind? Introducing the Mendix Think Tank

You may have already noticed the new look and organization of our blogs, over the past couple of months. Of course, we are always eager to tell you about the awesomeness of the Mendix App Platform and all the neat new things we are up to. But it is not always about us.

The Mendix Community grew hugely last year. We are often in the middle of many types of conversations. Sometimes they are conversations about the explosion of the Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) market (even the definition and description of the market – is it “aPaaS” or “Enterprise Cloud Platforms”?). Conversations about companies’ efforts to improve the success of their IT projects, or how organizations can respond to business change and take advantage of innovation opportunities, or how business and IT can work together more effectively. We have found ourselves listening to enterprises discuss what to do about the dizzying demand for mobile apps, the changing role of development and deployment, the yearning for agility and flexibility in IT projects, the mystery of what’s on the CIO’s agenda… and on and on. We care about those issues too.

Therefore today we are introducing the “Mendix Think Tank,” a place for interesting stories for the Mendix Community and beyond. It’s our goal to share with you useful information – from industry experts as well as Mendix professionals – that helps you make better IT and business decisions. Check out what Doug Barney and our CTO Johan den Haan have to say about the future of PaaS; listen to David Strom offer tips about your staff telecommuting on distributed teams; learn what other companies are doing in Pam Baker’s post about Enterprise App Stores.

There is much more to come on a regular basis. Don’t miss a post! Subscribe to our newsletter or RSS feed and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. And by all means, jump into the conversation! Comment on a post or pitch your own. If you’d like to contribute and have a great topic idea that is of general interest to the Mendix community, please send us a note at [editor] at [mendix.com].

Now, let’s lift the curtain and check out the brand new Mendix Think Tank.

  • http://twitter.com/WJdeWaal Willem Jan (WJ)

    Great initiative time for more and more 2013/2014 issues