Learn Mendix: How to Quickly Get Started, Practice, & Improve

At Mendix World 2014, our CEO Derek Roos announced several great additions to the Mendix App Platform ecosystem, like a completely free Community Edition, a new App Store, and a cool new Launchpad that fuses the ever-important connection between app-users and app-modelers. The Launchpad comes with a few standard apps, like the aforementioned App Store, the Developer Portal, and a new ‘Get Started’ app that aims to take you through your first few days in the Mendix App Platform. In this post, I’ll go over the resources you have at your disposal to get started, practice, and improve your Mendix skills. Continue reading

3 Reasons You Should Read Our Latest Case Study

Hot on the heels of Mendix World 2014, we’ve published a case study on AVEBE, a world leader in the production of potato starches used in food, paper, textiles, adhesives, and other applications. Looking to close key gaps in its contract management process, AVEBE used Mendix to quickly deliver a new app that seamlessly integrates with SAP to streamline contract management.

While every Mendix case study is noteworthy in its own right, there are three interesting angles to the AVEBE story that make it a must-read: Continue reading

Catch the Vibe of Mendix World 2014: Highlights and Pictures from an Inspiring Event

Nearly a week after the close of Mendix World 2014, the energy and buzz from the event is still palpable. It was by far our biggest and best Mendix World yet—and we owe it all to our passionate community of users, customers and partners. On behalf of the entire Mendix team, thank you! Continue reading

Mendix World 2014: Bringing IT and Business Minds Together

Historically, IT has almost by definition driven a clash of cultures, especially with the business. At the Mendix World 2014 conference last week, more than 1,500 seasoned IT veterans, business executives, business analysts and developers came together to bridge IT and business rifts that have existed for decades.

Bringing these diverse worlds together is the Mendix App Platform that enables business users to design and build their own applications within an architectural framework that provides the structural integrity that IT needs to maintain and govern a rich portfolio of applications. Continue reading

The Mendix March Release: AppCloud and Community Edition, New User Navigation and Much More Coming Tomorrow

Mendix World, our global customer and partner event that took place last week, pushed our March Release to early April.  And for good reasons! You may have heard already about our big announcements at Mendix World regarding AppCloud and the Community Edition.

In addition, a number of other snazzy new features are being released tomorrow, April 10th. Take a look: Continue reading

Mendix World 2014 Hackathon: Winners Illustrate App Dev’s New Level Playing Field

One of the less appreciated aspects of rapid application development (RAD) or model-driven development is that once you get to the right level of abstraction of the underlying IT environment, the playing field gets a whole lot leveler for all concerned.

Nowhere was that more evident than the Mendix World 2014 conference where not only did a small professional service organization best much larger rivals to win a 24-hour Mendix Hackathon contest. But just as interestingly, students competing in the hackathon were able to build applications using Mendix that were just as viable as anything built by professional IT services teams. Continue reading

Mendix World 2014: Building Enterprise Applications to Size and Scale

One of the more popular misperceptions associated with most application platforms and rapid application development (RAD) tools is that they are only well suited for lightweight departmental applications.

But at the Mendix World 2014 conference last week it became apparent to all the attendees that the types of applications being built using Mendix App Platform are truly enterprise class. Continue reading

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