Turning a Successful Pilot into a Project, Part 2

SavanToday’s guest post comes from Savan Vyas, Scrum Master and Mendix Business Engineer at LV= Insurance. This is the second post within a two-part series, throughout which Savan shares his advice on how to turn a successful pilot into a full-blown app delivery project. Continue reading

Accelerating and Enhancing the SAP Implementation Lifecycle with Mendix

Earlier this week I had a conversation with Scott Azwell, Lead Consultant at Leveraging Technology Solutions, who has been working with SAP and leading SAP projects for over 20 years, about the SAP implementation lifecycle.  We were discussing the role of different tools within the stages of an SAP implementation project and how a high-productivity app platform like Mendix could help. Continue reading

The Mendix July Release: RESTful APIs across the Mendix App Platform, advanced security settings, and more

Sometime we launch a major new feature with some marketing buzz and fanfare; other times, new features get pushed out one by one as soon as they are available. Today, I’d like to discuss some great new features that have been added one by one over the past few months. While these features may not generate a lot of marketing buzz, I think they are actually really awesome enhancements that improve usability and integration of Mendix in the enterprise. Continue reading

Turning a Successful Pilot into a Project, Part 1

SavanToday’s guest post comes from Savan Vyas, Scrum Master and Mendix Business Engineer at LV= Insurance. In this two-part series, Savan shares advice on how to turn a successful pilot into a full-blown app delivery project. The first post outlines pre-requisites for delivering a production-ready app in one sprint, while the second part will focus on important elements to keep in mind during the sprint.

In early May, an opportunity arose at LV= to do a one-week pilot assessing whether we could improve the broker department’s manual processes. The pilot was initiated to prove the viability of the project and whether using the Mendix App Platform would be the best approach.

For this particular pilot, the goal was to create a workflow management app for the broker department that converted their standard email/phone box enquiries into a streamlined workflow, replacing several spreadsheets/database files with a single system. We combined three processes on three systems into one application with an automated tracking capability and reporting feature. The system can be used to measure productivity, get work state analysis and improve company SLAs. In just one week, we were able to deliver a production ready application which achieved all of the above mentioned benefits. Continue reading

Styling in Mendix Just Became LESS Work

In my previous article, I wrote about the adoption of the Bootstrap framework and how Mendix utilizes this framework to make styling quicker and easier. Another shift in the marketplace in the web design area is the adoption of CSS pre-processors. CSS pre-processors are an extension of CSS that combines the functionality of CSS with programmability and logic. Using a CSS pre-processor allows you to use functionality such as variables, logic and functions—common functionality for most programming languages but something not found in CSS. Continue reading

[Quiz] What’s your #APPtitude?

Today, every employee should think of themselves as an app developer. Great ideas live in every corner of your company. If someone in marketing or finance or HR has an idea for an app, they should be empowered to act upon it. That doesn’t mean everyone will run out and build something. It’s more about thinking about app development in a way that allows everyone to participate in the process. Continue reading

6 Mendix Shortcuts to Create Apps Instantly

The Mendix Business Modeler is filled with shortcuts to make app development quick and easy. In fact, I have started to suspect our R&D department is trying to make the mouse obsolete and empower developers to create apps with just a few keyboard clicks. Below, I’ll provide a comprehensive list of all the shortcuts; much of this material can also be found on the documentation and previous blog posts. Continue reading