How Finaps Won the “Audience Favorite” Award at the Dutch FinTech Hackathon

Han PieterToday’s guest post is from Han Pieter Duyverman, CIO of Finaps, a Mendix implementation partner with a focus on financial services. Having held a variety of IT and operations roles throughout his career, Han Pieter is passionate about technology and how to use it to deliver real business value. In this post, he shares how Finaps brought together the right combination of people, process and technology to win the Dutch FinTech Hackathon—their third hackathon win in recent months.

Following our recent wins at the Mendix World 2014 Hackathon and the Hackathon organized by our client ING Bank, we won the audience favorite award at the Dutch FinTech Hackathon.  In this blog post, I would like to share our experiences from this high-profile hackathon and how the Mendix App Platform and Finaps Business Engineers have proven to be a winning combination for delivering innovative apps quickly. Continue reading

How LV= Further Accelerated App Delivery with the Enterprise App Store

MohammedToday, we have a guest post from Mohammed Siddiqui, a Mendix developer who joined LV= last year as part of Rod Willmott’s Fast Track innovation team. Mohammed joined LV= after graduating with a Master’s degree from Teesside University, where he wrote his thesis on Mendix. In this post, he shares how he leveraged Mendix’s Enterprise App Store to build and publish a starter-kit module that is shaving additional time off what are already jaw-dropping delivery time-frames, even by Mendix standards!

When I start a new project, one of the first questions I ask the business is, “When do you need the software or product to be delivered by”? The answer is often “Now” or “Yesterday.” The only way to deliver projects now or yesterday is to have things in place even before you start the project and that is exactly what I did here at LV=. Mendix helps us to develop applications and meet these business demands quickly and efficiently. Continue reading

Self-Service Online Academy, Automated Testing, App User Management, and Self-Service Cloud App Migration – the Mendix June release

It’s summer in Rotterdam, but that doesn’t prevent our engineering team from delivering great stuff with this month’s release. Here is what we have for you: Continue reading

The Power of Mendix: the Model is the Application

Model Driven Development and 9 reasons why Model Execution is a Different Ballgame than Code-Generation

If you are looking to rapidly build, integrate and deploy web and mobile applications, there is a diverse spectrum of aPaaS (application platform as a service) solutions to consider, ranging from platforms focused on coding to high-productivity platforms focused on model-driven development (MDD). Continue reading

REST Part II: Publishing Microflows with REST

Welcome to the second part of our REST Services introduction. In my previous post, we discovered how to consume a REST service. This post explains how to create a REST API that publishes a microflow.

The ShellShare app

In this blog post, we will build ShellShare, a small app that helps you to store and share shell commands: those pesky tiny little things you can’t remember because of all the different flags and acronyms, like gzip -c <filename> > outputfile to zip a file without losing the source file. With this app, you no longer need to Google the same command over and over again. You will be able to browse these shell commands by using the web interface, or by using its REST API. So, let’s get started! Continue reading

Mendix Devs Snap Together a World Cup Pool App in their Spare Time; Sign In and Start Your Pool Today!

The four-year World Cup wait is almost over and people all over the globe are eager to hear the first whistle blown in the opening match of Brazil vs Croatia. This tournament attracts an estimated 715 million viewers, and because it only occurs every four years, it’s a hot topic months in advance – particularly within our global team here at Mendix, who are known to build apps for just about anything.

Continue reading

The Mendix May Release: Hot Deployment Gets Hotter, Usability and Enhanced Excel Export/Import for User Stories

Time flies! Another month, and hence another release. This is what we have in store for you in the Mendix May Release:

Hot Deployment continued

In our April release, we introduced a hot deployment or ‘fast rerun’ feature that can update a running project if only changes to pages, layouts and snippets were made. The next image summarizes the improvement in deployment time for different projects. Continue reading