Lotus Notes Applications: 4 Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud Now

How many legacy Lotus Notes applications are scattered throughout your organization? Like many CIOs and IT managers, you may not be able accurately answer that question. If you can, you are likely painfully aware of the growing cost and complexity of maintaining Lotus Notes applications, the lack of IT control, and the overall impact on your organization’s application landscape. Continue reading

Bite-size Apps to Boost your Business

And four ingredients to make them irresistible

In my inaugural Mendix blog post a few weeks ago, I shared my excitement about the style of application development that Mendix supports. These apps are typically built in an iterative approach, focus on business outcomes and are small and nimble.

Analysts like Gartner and Forrester refer to these type of applications as Systems of Differentiation / Innovation and Systems of Engagement respectively. These apps are supplementing and extending the so-called systems of records; the transaction backbones like ERP, policy administration or core banking systems. Continue reading

Evolve or Perish: Takeaways from the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium (#MITCIO)

My colleague Matt Collins and I attended the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium yesterday. With a theme of “Lead your digital enterprise forward,” the event brought together several hundred visionary CIOs and IT leaders for thought-provoking discussions on intelligent machines, the internet of things, big data, digital transformation and more. If there was one overarching theme to sum up the Symposium, it was “evolve or perish.” Continue reading

The PaaS Shakeup and What It Means for OpenStack

All eyes are on the platform as a service (PaaS) market this week, following news that IBM is investing $1B to deliver unique PaaS capabilities and Pivotal’s announcement of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. But what does this all mean for a market that’s already confusing and growing increasingly difficult to navigate? Using his framework for categorizing the cloud landscape as a guideline, our CTO Johan den Haan dissects recent developments in the PaaS market, with an emphasis on OpenStack, its war with Cloud Foundry and the real road to business value (hint: winning the hearts of the business engineers and citizen developers).

Check out the post on Johan’s blog!

[Webinar Recap] Rewriting the App Delivery Playbook for the Age of the Customer

Last week we invited John Rymer, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, to present an executive webinar: Rewriting the App Delivery Playbook for the Age of the Customer. John outlines how CIOs and their teams can meet surging application demands, better serve both customers and business partners, and strategically propel the business forward by [in his words] fighting fire with fire. As markets become more and more empowered by new tech, it’s up to us to serve them (or in many cases, enable them to serve themselves) in the most efficient and intuitive way possible. This event was the latest edition in a series of executive webinars aimed at helping IT executive hone their application delivery strategy.

View the full webinar on-demand here. Continue reading

CIOs: Are You Ready for the Big Game? [eBook]

Super BowlOn Sunday, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will square off in Super Bowl XLVIII. While many people tune in for the commercials and witty social media banter, plenty of others watch for love of the game itself. To die-hard fans, it’s fascinating to see which coach leads his team to victory thanks to a sound game plan and flawless execution, on the field and off. Continue reading

[Webinar Recap] Communicating IT’s Value to the Business, ft. Dr. George Westerman

Recently, we welcomed best-selling author of “The Real Business of IT” and research scientist leading MIT’s Center for Digital Business, Dr. George Westerman, to a live webinar on ‘communicating the value of IT to the business.’ This webinar can be viewed on-demand here.

The format of the event was a question-and-answer session between Gottfried Sehringer, Mendix VP of Worldwide Marketing, and Dr. Westerman.  Below is an edited transcript of their conversation. Continue reading