Tips for Bringing Novice Developers Up To Speed

At some point, you will hire junior team members. It makes sense to help those newbies become productive and happy as quickly as possible, for your own benefit as well as theirs. Here’s a few practices that may reduce their stress and improve your train-the-new-hire effectiveness. Continue reading

Really Great Ways to Ruin a Job Interview

As an IT leader, hiring new talent can be an arduous task, but knowing that your next prodigy is hidden in that stack of resumes makes it worth the time and energy. And for the technologists on the other side of the interview desk, starting at a new company can be like time-traveling to another dimension. Enjoy this fun (and maybe scary) read by IT author Lisa Vaas about the tech interview blunders you’d want to avoid.

No, it’s not okay to answer your phone, answer questions with painful literalness, take an interview in the middle of another job interview, demand alternative beverages to those offered, or otherwise come off as if the interview isn’t your top priority. But those are, in fact, the boners that some techies pull during an otherwise-serious job search. Continue reading