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Mendix is your high-speed ticket to rapid enterprise application delivery. Build business apps 10 times faster, deploy them to the cloud with a single click, and stay connected with your team anytime, anywhere. Thousands of developers are already using Mendix to help their companies build, deploy and extend applications faster – so what are you waiting for? Try Mendix

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“We can do things we simply wouldn’t have been able to do using traditional development methods.”

Wade Sendall,
VP of IT,
The Boston Globe

Wade Sendall

“The Mendix App Platform delivered the unbeatable combination of speed, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.”

Martin Wanschers,
Process Manager,
BAM Infratechniek

Martin Wanschers

“Using Mendix, we’re delivering new applications in easily one-fifth of the time and cost.”

Harald Swinkels,
CEO and Co-Founder,

Harald Swinkels

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