Accelerate Your DevOps | Improve Development Efficiency with Low-Code

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You removed the roadblocks.

You understand that applications serve as solutions to business problems, so you’ve made significant investments in DevOps tools to deploy those solutions faster and with ease. You’ve laid down the track for your superhighway where you can launch, run, and maintain applications like never before.

But Dev is stalled.

You’re not getting enough value out of that highway because app development takes too long and it’s difficult to quickly build solutions. The only way to get business value from your DevOps stack is to build apps to deploy on your superhighway.

Put the pedal to the metal.

With Mendix low-code, accelerate your app development process so you can build and deploy solutions.

  • Build 12-factor, cloud-native apps faster than ever
  • Deploy with a single click
  • Integrate with your own CI/CD tools
  • Run apps from anywhere with support for Kubernetes and Docker
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Learn how companies are practicing DevOps

Enexis has built 100 applications and delivers a new app every other week using a fully enabled development team of over 400 employees that range from business users to professional coders that can drive millions in business value. All deployed using a complex CI/CD pipeline to Cloud Foundry.

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