Security in Mendix has two sides: you want different people to see different parts of your application and you want to prevent unauthorized access. Both of these can be managed from the modeling environment. Access to forms, data and microflow can be limited to authorized users with our award winning security features.

Access rule for an entityAdvantages

  • Allow different people to see different forms and data
  • Prevent unauthorized people from meddling with your system
  • Role-based Access Control

Technical Features

  • Specify security at the level of forms, microflows and data in the domain model
  • Advanced instance-level security: “People in this department cannot see orders from other departments”
  • The menu bar is optimized based on the forms you are allowed to access
  • Disable security temporarily while prototyping to increase development speed
  • Map your app user roles with existing user role repositories LDAP, Kerberos and NTLM