Powerful Business Rules.

Centralize, document and execute your business logic with model-driven development

Business rules can be used to consolidate complex business decisions in a centralized repository. They can be used in a microflow to choose different paths through your business processes and simplify the microflow by delegating a complex decision to a separate rule.

A Business RuleAdvantages

  • Store business-specific functionality in a centralized repository
  • Quickly find and adjust key values, e.g. the order amount at which a manager approval is necessary
  • Re-use business rules instead of duplicating behavior in different parts of your application
  • Easily integrated with 3rd party business rule management systems (e.g. Corticon)

Technical Features

  • Distinguish between business and system rules. Business rules are related to policy and processes while system rules are related to system checks
  • Business rules only check conditions and cannot inadvertently change data
  • Create decision gateways in microflow that use an underlying business rule