When building international B2B or B2C portal applications it can be very important to provide multi-lingual user interfaces. Especially when providing self-service portals, personalization is key to increase successful adoption. To enhance usability, Mendix is equipped with a powerful internationalization capability.

Internationalization of a Dropdown MenuAdvantages

  • The modeling environment facilitates the translation of your application in several ways
  • Each end user can view the application in their language of choice
  • See the results of the translation at design time so that there are no surprises at run time
  • Supports all ISO 639 languages, including right to left languages such as Arabic
  • Outsource the translation of your application

Technical features

  • All interface texts like captions and validation messages can be translated.
  • Switch languages in the Modeler and see forms and other interface elements in different languages at design-time
  • See what texts have not been translated yet and what the text in the original language was
  • Translate system texts like validation and progress messages
  • Quickly translate texts throughout the application in one overview
  • Ensure consistency within one language by analyzing all texts in one overview
  • Find spelling errors quickly and improve the consistency of the texts in your application
  • Supports multiple time, currency, number notations
  • Supports multiple calendars
  • Can cope with different time zones