Complex Business Logic made Easy

Whether you are creating a transactional business portal or a highly customized cloud application you will probably want to support custom business logic in your application. Traditionally this part of the application is considered very technical, requiring manual coding. However, in Mendix, we have introduced the concept of Microflows: an innovative modeling language that allows business analysts to visually design custom business logic, even if it’s complex. Each Microflow can be exposed as a Web service with only 1-mouse-click. Existing Web services can also be easily integrated, 100% code-free.


Key benefits

  • Visual 100% code-free model-driven development editor that both Business & IT can use
  • No need to know exact business requirements upfront, Microflows enable an agile, iterative approach. You can fine-tune as you go
  • Instant cloud deployment allows for rapid prototyping, reducing risk and increasing agility
  • Microflows are automatically executed by the Mendix Business Server, so no code is being generated
  • Always up to date and detailed documentation of your business logic and procedures

Connector ScreenshotTechnical features

  • Concept of Microflows is tightly integrated with other models such as mapping, rich application web interface, Web services and documents
  • Expose Microflows as Web service using a single mouse-click
  • Easily integrate existing Web services into your Microflow
  • Automatic completeness and consistency checks
  • Nest multiple Microflows so complex structures remain simple and business logic can be re-used in multiple places
  • Notation based on BPMN industry-standard
  • Extend your Microflow with your own custom Java code

Examples of Microflow use

  • Calculate risk premium for a reinsurance self-service portal, based on complex and dynamic business rules
  • Automatically allocate over $1.2B of health care budget over 300 healthcare providers via procurement portal
  • Check lead status before promoting lead to opportunity and automatically assigning a sales rep to follow-up

Check out some real life examples of microflow art on our community forum.