Mendix’s Open Platform
to Drive Digital Innovation

Digital initiatives typically leverage multiple technologies. This sets the bar high for application platforms to be open and leverage open standards. On all levels. With this in mind, we make openness a cornerstone of the Mendix Platform. Mendix applications seamlessly integrate with other systems and services. Core platform functionality is accessible through APIs for integrations such as continuous delivery.
Mendix takes platform openness to the next level, introducing a Model API and Platform SDK. Using an open model specification, Mendix is the world’s first platform to publish application model metadata.

No Lock-in

Protecting your investment in Mendix

We know openness is critically important to you. And your Mendix investment should be protected, even if you decide to leave. We are convinced that leaving you with unmaintainable generated code is not viable and that models in the form of documentation aren’t good enough. So we facilitate model export for reuse on a different target platform. And just to be clear: Mendix makes no claim to any right of ownership in the Application Models or Customer Data.

While we’re proud to offer you an elegant exit, our ultimate goal is for you to experience the value of working with a platform that is open on all levels. Not just for export.

Open Platform No Lock-in  Model Export for Elegant Exit
API to Platform SDK Chart for Open Platform Solution

Open Models

Model API and Platform SDK makes models open and accessible

Mendix’s signature visual, model-driven platform brings business users and developers together to build multi-channel applications at record speed. As customers build core intellectual property in application models, we ensure these models are fully open, accessible and sharable.

Mendix is the 1st rapid application development platform to publish all application models in an open model specification. No matter if it’s a domain model, logic model or UI model, the Model API and Platform SDK provides access to your core application artifacts from the outside.


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Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise aPaaS
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The Forrester Wave: Low-Code Development Platforms, Q2 2016
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Open Innovation

Unlocking the value of the Model API

Migrate legacy applications to the CloudLegacy Migration

Migrate legacy applications to the Cloud, generating application models straight in Mendix.

Ensure application quality by running a model analysisModel Analysis

Ensure application quality by running a model analysis service that rates your models and pinpoints issues.

Automate application model updates through scriptsModel Scripts

Automate application model updates and changes through scripts as simple as defining macros in a spreadsheet.

Export your application models in an open formatModel Export

Export your application models in an open format that offers an elegant exit, should you ever need to leave.

aPaaS Authentication API Key


Build API allows you to manage deployment packages


Manage Public Cloud Application Environments


Feedback API Retrieve & Manage Feedback for Mendix Projects


Mendix Runtime Execute Application Model

Mendix Runtime

Server API Retrieve Information from Application Models


Single Sign on API OpenID 2.0

Single Sign-on

Retrieve create and update Mendix Stories API


User Management API integrate with the Mendix platform

User Management

Open Platform

Integrate Mendix in your technology landscape

While we strive for platform breadth and depth, we know that we’re not the only players helping you innovate. Mendix should fit seamlessly within your IT landscape.

That’s why we offer APIs for core platform functionality. Integrate your Identity & Access Management system using the User Management API. Organize test automation leveraging the Build Server and Deploy APIs.


Open Applications

Consume and expose web services

Every application built using Mendix has powerful integration options. External services can be consumed easily and every element of the application model can be exposed as a web service as well. We support REST and SOAP protocols and handle web services in real-time or batch mode.

Mendix supports component based application development offering App Services, with versioned APIs of independently deployable application modules or micro services.


Open Platform Web Services Component Based Application Development
Open Data  aPaaS  Customer information Analytics

Open Data

Turn data into Information at the speed of light

Digital innovation is fueled by analytics and insight. We added a powerful tool to easily turn Mendix application data into information you can use to improve the customer experience and streamline operations: OData support. You can now leverage live Mendix app data in BI tools like Tableau, analytics platforms like SAS or R, and Excel with a single click.

OData is an open protocol that allows the simple creation and consumption of query-able and interoperable RESTful APIs for data. Just right-click any entity in your domain model and publish it via OData. Your security rules still apply. A new streaming query mechanism features high performance and low memory usage.

Turn your data into information.


Open Standards

Leveraging standards and open source technologies for advantage

Mendix’s pluggable architecture allows us to leverage open standards and open source technologies, so we can focus our energy on offering added value for our customers.

On the platform level, we adopted Cloud Foundry, the world’s largest open source platform project supported by leading technology vendors. Cloud Foundry allows us to take advantage of commodity services for resource management and scalability. Moreover it offers cloud interoperability and application portability across providers so you’re not locked in to a particular cloud. As a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, we’re actively contributing to the project as well.

We apply standards such as OpenID for user management, SAML for authentication, UML for domain models, BPMN for process and application logic models, HTML5 and CSS3 for UI models.

We’re using frameworks like Bootstrap, React and Phonegap to offer the best possible User Experience for web and mobile applications.

Leveraging Standards and Open Source Technologies Cloud Foundry Web Mobile
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