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Danny Roest

About Danny Roest

Danny is a Product Manager for Mobile and the Runtime Client. He started at Mendix as a Senior Technical Consultant in the Expert Services team. Using his combined experience, Danny continuously tries to improve the Mendix (Mobile) offering and enables customers and partners to achieve their goals.

  • Mendix 8.4

    Mendix 8.4 – We Deliver Good News, You Deliver Great Experience

    This latest release sees us delivering good news so you can deliver exceptional experiences: MendixSSO, a number of frontend updates, to name a few! Get the whole story.

  • Mendix 8.3 – A True Delight

    Gain better insights, wow users, resolve conflicts, maintain control. Prepare to be delighted with Mendix 8.3.

  • Mendix 8.2

    Mendix 8.2: Go with the (Micro)flow

    Go with the flow with Mendix 8.2. Get the low-down on microflows as datasources, flexible environments, smooth native animations, and a lot more.

  • Mendix 8.1: Making Happiness

    We’ve got a bunch of new features, capabilities, and fixes that you’re bound to love. Native mobile, Studio Pro updates, Mendix Assist getting smarter. Come on get happy!

  • Announcing Mendix 8 Studio and Studio Pro

    Mendix Studio Pro 8 Beta: Make it native!

    At Mendix, we’re taking low-code to the next level. See how you can design and develop rich mobile experiences with Mendix 8 Studio Pro’s native mobile capabilities.

  • Mendix 7.13: A Baker’s Dozen of Developer Updates

    It’s the end of March and that means it’s time for another Mendix release. This month’s update includes charting and Atlas UI updates, offline mobile enhancements, and more Desktop Modeler delighters we know you will enjoy. Read the full article to learn about the top 13 updates in Mendix 7.13.

  • Introducing Nanoflows Banner

    Introducing Nanoflows, Mendix Logic Running on the Edge

    With the release of Mendix 7.12, we are proud to present nanoflows for visually modeling application logic to run on mobile devices or in web browsers. Nanoflows do not require an Internet connection, therefore, they are perfect for use in offline apps and are blazingly fast! 

  • Mendix 7.6 Blog Background

    Mendix 7.6 Makes Development Easier and Faster

    Mendix 7.6.0 adds various new features that will enable users and Mendix developers to develop apps easier and faster. Read the blog to learn more about our client-side validation expressions, three new (mobile) widgets, and new usability features to the Web Modeler.

  • Mendix 7.4 Continues to Raise the Bar for Mobile App Development

    Mendix 7.4 makes offline mobile apps more powerful and easier to build. In addition, we improved the list view performance, improved the UI for creating multi-channel apps, and released two cool new widgets!

  • Mendix 7.3 Blog Background

    Mendix 7.3 Updates For a Frictionless Developer Experience

    Mendix 7.3 contains several enhancements to the platform, including the modeling experience, mobile app building and database improvements.