The Dutch IT Channel Awards recognizes Dutch businesses in the ICT sector who play a crucial role in the digitization and socio-economic success of the Netherlands. The criticality of the work being done in the ICT sector cannot be overstated, which is why we are honored to be nominated for Software Innovator of the Year.

Mendix has more than lived up to its status as a global leader in software development.  In 2021, our customers saw Mendix 9 extend the low-code principles of abstraction and automation from application development to data integration, artificial intelligence, and process automation.

We’re proud of this nomination and do hope you can support us and our continuing efforts to champion and reinforce your digitization efforts. Show your support by visiting the Dutch IT Channel voting page.

Innovation in a Post-pandemic World

2020 saw companies expedite their digitization efforts, and 2021 was no different. Organizations needed to automate the manual and digitize the analog. The Mendix all-in-one low-code platform helped organizations all over the Netherlands and the rest of the globe execute and accelerate those efforts. Mendix 9, the latest version of Mendix released in the Spring of 2021, gives professional developers the powerful tools they need to build mission-critical, enterprise-grade applications, while offering tools to citizen developers to safely and efficiently build out their own solutions to business problems.

Mendix 9 provides businesses all the tools to digitize efficiently in a post-pandemic world.

For instance, as integration is a challenging, time-consuming part of the software development lifecycle, Mendix has evolved Data Hub, the platform that brings the low-code philosophy to integration. With this tool and its latest features, customers are able to better discover, write, and modify data from any system or application.

Mendix continues to innovate on the AI front, too, releasing its third bot to the Mendix Assist family: Page Bot. Page Bot offers guidance around UI and UX choices, based on patterns from hundreds of millions of anonymized data points from Mendix users. This significantly decreases development times and provides customers compelling and consistent UI experiences for their customers.

In the summer, Mendix also announced Industry Clouds, a collection of best practices and reusable application templates that are focused on key industries. Each cloud has a rich set of building blocks and components that address industry-specific development challenges.

Innovation in Action

Exemplary of Mendix’s continuous innovation can be seen in two major Dutch organizations, PostNL and Rabobank.

With Mendix’s low-code platform and microservices, PostNL was able to modernize their  order management system into one that manages 1.1 million parcels per day, providing 4.5 million customers up-to-date information they need to track their packages.

Rabobank built a multi-touchpoint banking experience for their users with Mendix’s mobile and integration capabilities. The experience has a mobile app, automates aspects of the customer onboarding process, and includes online banking. What’s more impressive? Because of Mendix’s development abstraction and integration tooling, Rabobank was able to accomplish this feat with just 5 engineers.

Cast your vote

Like PostNL and Rabobank, Mendix has served as an accelerant to organizations’ digitalization efforts. We’re honored to continue supporting our customers and be considered as Software Innovator of the Year. Please be sure to vote for us. The voting for the Dutch IT Channel Awards is now open through April 14th. Winners are announced in May.


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