3 Ways Google Maps are finding their way into Mendix Applications

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3 Ways Google Maps are finding their way into Mendix Applications

/ July 28, 2010

The AppStore offers all kinds of widgets, themes, and application add-ons that can be used in any application built on the Mendix platform. The Google Maps add-on is currently the most popular in our AppStore, so why not discuss this little gem a bit further. Here are some interesting ways it is sprucing up applications powered by Mendix.

1. Track and Trace

The Google Maps add-on brings a heavy dose of visual functionality to any application. Addresses entered into the application populate the ever-expanding map automatically. Using this add-on as a track and trace module, supply chain managers can get visual representations and real time updates of their shipments. Shipping logistics can now be measured within the application and used in conjunction with another popular app – the Carbon Reductions Suite.

2. Track Asset Ownership

In many industries, accurately managing and reporting who owns what is elemental to successfully providing value to their clients. For example, an underwriter may want to see what kind of risk they are insuring for their client who owns multiple assets. Now these applications can segregate the who, what and where of assets being tracked in the system. And because these applications integrate with any IT environment, any preexisting enterprise systems will now gain this feature.

3. Territory Heat Map

Another great use for the Google Maps add-on is, albeit simple, the territory heat map. Want to know where your customers are located? Hook this feature into your Mendix CRM system and you have a regional heat map of where you do business. Need to know which regions your sales support is going to? Now you’ll have a visual display of spend activities.

I am sure that our insightful users will think up more ways to use this add-on, and as more developers get creative with map functions, the Business Agility Blog will aptly report them. Check back for more updates on the Mendix AppStore and the infinite ways our users are reaching new heights in business agility.

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