5 Takeaways You Can Expect from Mendix’s 2-Day SAP Summer Bootcamp

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5 Takeaways You Can Expect from Mendix’s 2-Day SAP Summer Bootcamp

5 Takeaways You Can Expect from Mendix’s 2-Day SAP Summer Bootcamp by Daniela Field

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As a professor of business or information systems, your students arrive in class with a wide range of programming skills. Their diverse backgrounds and technical skills can be an obstacle to incorporating applied learning experiences for students in your curriculum. With Mendix, students without a coding or programming background can quickly and easily build and deploy real, working web and mobile applications for class projects. You don’t need to teach coding, so you can instead focus on course learning objectives and provide students with the experience of deploying a real, working application.

After partnering with SAP, we are excited to attend this year’s University Alliance summer workshops for professors. Mendix was chosen by SAP as a Solution Extension partner to empower all SAP customers to extend the power of their data in their SAP systems with enterprise-grade applications. Mendix and SAP customers are searching for qualified students to hire. Will your students have the skills needed to advance in their careers? Join us for this two day SAP summer bootcamp and learn the following:

1. How universities are implementing the leading low-code solution in their curriculum and bridging the technical skills gap

We’ll present you with multiple university case studies and show you how Mendix has enhanced the curriculum. Through the Mendix curriculum, professors will see students build real-world applications and receive hands-on experience. This workshop will provide you with case studies, sample projects and syllabi to assist you and your learning objectives.

2. How to build your Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) models in less than 5 minutes

Professors use various tools to show students how to build ERD models, but the lesson usually ends here. The ERD models are not connected to the user interface or implemented, and they add more technical debt than technical knowledge to the students.  With the leading low-code solution, both students and professors can use one platform to handle all the various layers of development from the database (ERD) to front-end and business layer.

3. How to build engaging user interfaces and user experiences

User experiences and user interfaces are rarely built because students are intimidated by all the code. With Mendix, the students can create pages using page templates and design principles built in the platform. They can drag and drop functionalities and build beautiful user interfaces.

4. How to build business process modeling and add logic to your application

Using the principles of Business Process Modeling Notation, students can build logic within their application with drag and drop functionality using microflows. For example, they can build complex applications that process data, generate documents or send email notifications.

5. How to build a secure application with proper user roles

Security and user roles are rarely discussed in classes – yet they are essential in today’s marketplace. Students can implement user roles and add proper access controls.

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