7 IoT Influencers You Should Be Following

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7 IoT Influencers You Should Be Following

7 IoT Influencers You Should Be Following by Danielle Goodman

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a powerful, transformative force and cornerstone for digital businesses taking advantage of the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. IoT is creating an explosion of data, and predictions about the proliferation of connected things vary from 20 to 50 billion devices by 2020, depending on which analyst firm you ask.

IoT is impacting businesses across various industries as technology continues to make advancements towards Smart Apps, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Companies can now use sensors to collect and exchange data and integrate new technologies like machine learning to translate that data. In the age of connected things, IoT is a growing topic of conversation among business leaders. How can businesses prepare to incorporate IoT into their digital strategy? What challenges will they face? What tools are necessary to adopt IoT solutions?

Follow these seven IoT influencers to join the right conversations and learn more about how businesses can successfully implement IoT.

1. Tom Raftery

Tom is the Global VP, Futurist and IoT Evangelist at SAP. His website consists of articles on the Internet of Things, including topics on predictive maintenance, IoT in healthcare, connected cars, artificial intelligence, and SAP Leonardo.

Follow him on twitter here for more IoT news.

2. Stacey Higginbotham

Stacey is a journalist who specializes in the topics of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and semiconductors. Along with her own curated newsletter, you can find many of her articles in publications such as Gigaom, PC Mag and Fortune. She is also the founder of an Internet of Things podcast where she discusses blockchain, IoT predictions, chips and smart homes.

Follow her on twitter here for more IoT news.

3. Andy Stanford-Clark

Andy is a distinguished engineer and is Master Inventor and IoT Evangelist at IBM. He specializes in technologies which are helping to make the planet smarter, by analyzing and reacting to data from remote sensors. He works with clients to help them use IoT and understand where IoT comes into their business. Many of his patents have to do with the way small devices send messages to other devices, with a particular focus on transaction processing and allowing data to transfer reliably from one place to another for the Internet of Things.

Follow him on twitter here for more IoT news.

4. Sarah Cooper

Sarah is the General Manager of IoT Solutions, Amazon Web Services and the Vice Chair of the Internet of Things Community. She holds six patents including an IoT medical battery that runs on body temperature. She is incredibly knowledgeable on topics from semiconductors to consumer wearables to food technology.

Follow her on twitter here for more IoT news.

5. Johan den Haan

As Mendix’s Chief Technology Officer, Johan leads the company’s overall technical strategy. He speaks regularly at technology events and is a renowned blogger on a range of topics, including IoT, Smart Apps, PaaS, Model-Driven Development, and software engineering. Johan has also contributed articles to Tech Target on a range of IoT topics.

Follow him on twitter here for more IoT news.

6. David Stephenson

David is an Internet of Things strategist and writer, with a particular focus on “smart aging” using a combination of wearable devices and smart home devices to allow seniors to “age in place” with dignity, improved health, and lower expenses. He recently wrote a guide introducing C-level executives at leading companies to profitable IoT strategies, and his recent book “Data Dynamite” is about how automated, real-time delivery of structured data can simultaneously improve workers’ ability to do their jobs and collaborate, improve government transparency and accountability, and encourage “crowd-sourcing” by the public of innovative new services.

Follow him on twitter here for more IoT news. 

7. David Blaza

David is the managing director at Informa Power and has a passion for bringing new technology to market especially in the IoT space. His blog consists of topics on IoT and energy and takes a look at the reality and myths of the Internet of Things with an eye on the electric power industry.

Follow him on twitter here for more IoT news.

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