8 Highlights from the Developer Meetup in Amsterdam

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8 Highlights from the Developer Meetup in Amsterdam

/ October 30, 2015

In the bustling grand café Dicky’s, in the heart of Amsterdam, around 25 developers met to talk about their experiences with Mendix, hear how other community members tackle similar challenges, and meet the Mendix team.

Here are a few of the highlights from the event.

  1. Gonzo Hartwich, a new community member, chose to start developing with Mendix because of the accessible, helpful, and active community. He was very excited to attend the Meetup, which was the perfect opportunity to talk to Mendix employees and developers 1-on-1. The Meetup confirmed his choice for Mendix, and got him even more excited about developing the best app out there!
  1. Gerard Odding demoed one of his projects for the “Stedelijke Herverkavelings Portaal.” With this, you can easily view different maps of the Netherlands and overlay them with relevant grids. Stay tuned for more on this, as he’s planning on creating a Mendix widget that lets you include this functionality in your own application. View the demo here. Gerard is the event host of the next Meetup and will prepare a short demo.
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  1. Leon van Moorsel, manager of the Community Team at Mendix, gave a sneak preview of Mendix’s My Profile feature. This feature will provide a total view of your activity and achievements in Mendix, including your skills, points, badges, forum posts, and more. This gives developers an opportunity to track their efforts and expose their successes to the greater community.
  2. Developer Nikel Kruizinga talked with Leon about the ins and outs of the new App Store support categories, and provided valuable feedback and ideas for improving App Store content support, which we have already added to our roadmap.
  3. Jan de Vries, technical writer with the Community Team at Mendix, talked with Mitchel Mol and Eco Mol about Offline Mobile, an upcoming feature in Mendix 6. Eco is looking forward to this feature, because it is becoming increasingly crucial to his company’s core business. Luckily Jan could give some insight into the roadmap for the feature, along with what to expect about this feature in the future.
  4. In an effort to stimulate and improve the creation of Mendix widgets, Jelte Lagendijk, JavaScript developer at Mendix, challenged developers at the Meetup to come up with suggestions for new widgets, but also with ideas on how to make it easier to create them. The group agreed that the documentation needs to be improved, the widget lifecycle needs to be explained better, and that we need to offer a clear view on how to get support for widget development. Stay tuned for more on these takeaways!
  1. As part of our new online training program, the Community and Academy teams are working on the Mendix Essentials project. The goal of the project is to provide developers with short instruction videos that explain how specific parts of Mendix work. Jan de Vries previewed one of the videos at the Meetup. The videos make it easier to find the information you need, when you need it. Just search for the topic you want to know more about, and watch the video. And you know what? The Mendix Essentials project is just the start! Interested? Join the Meetups to get exclusive previews of new content.
  1. Andrej Koelewijn, product manager at Mendix, received great feedback from Gerard Odding and Gonzo Hartwich, about the benefits of using OData in their solutions. For example, Gerard explained how he uses OData to supply management reports in Excel with real-time data from Mendix, because the spreadsheets can be refreshed to get the latest information. This is of course a huge benefit to management, because their reports and charts are always up to date. Gonzo is trying out various applications that offer OData integration. The OData standard gives him the flexibility to choose an application that fits his reporting needs.


We more than doubled the number of attendees since the last Meetup! There was a lot to share, demo, and talk about. We love the excitement and anticipation we get when showing previews of new features we are working on. Next to sharing experiences, it was a great opportunity to talk about some issues and offer solutions. All in all, we can look back on another successful Meetup. A big thank you to everyone who was there, we had a blast!

View photos of the Meetup here.

The next Meetup in the Netherlands will be in Rotterdam, hosted by Gerard Odding on November 18. Click here to sign up. Want to know if there’s going to be a Meetup near you? Check out the Mendix Meetup groups here.

See you there!

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