A 3-Step Leap into Your Digital Future: Highlights from Mendix World

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A 3-Step Leap into Your Digital Future: Highlights from Mendix World

A 3-Step Leap into Your Digital Future: Highlights from Mendix World by Derek Roos

Two huge things happened today. We kicked off Mendix World 2019 with a crowd of nearly 5,000 attendees. And we introduced the Mendix Spring ’19 Release, our most significant advance yet in no-code/low-code development for the enterprise. For those unable to attend in person, here’s an overview of my opening address to the conference.

The Mendix story starts with this foundational principle: No matter what industry you’re in, software is at the heart of every business challenge. You may make widgets, but you’re a software company, too. If you’re in financial services, you make software. Construction, retail, agriculture, transportation? Software.

You are in the software business whether you realize it or not, and you know how hard it is to find talented developers to build the applications you need now. Today, tech unemployment is less than two percent, and application demand is growing by multiples.

So you need somehow to find more people to build applications — lots of applications, across and up and down your entire enterprise. Whether you’re in the business of making widgets or delivering financial services, your customers want to manage their entire experience with you through apps. And you’re likely already overwhelmed trying to keep up with the demand of building enough software to digitize all your customer experiences and operations. Because everyone in your industry is also building applications, you need yours to be better — smarter, contextual, experiential, data-driven, proactive, scalable.

The challenges of a software driven world

So how do you create apps that all at once improve operational efficiencies, enhance your customers’ experiences, and allow you to develop new business models? You unleash the potential of your entire workforce, optimizing your developers’ time and activating a new class of citizen developers.

Enter: Mendix Spring ’19 Release and the exciting ‘go make it’ movement our powerful new version will drive. The powered-up enterprise Spring ’19 Release of our pioneering no-code/low-code platform addresses head-on the needs enterprises have right now to accelerate their digital progress today and keep pushing their digital envelope in the future. New, important, innovative capabilities of Spring Release mirror the three imperatives of our “Go Make It” brand philosophy announced today.

Make with more.

More makers = more applications. Mendix helps you broaden the pool of development talent with Mendix Studio, our new visual, model-based no-code environment that empowers business and non-technical people to become “citizen developers.” With Studio, you can make working applications even if you’ve never written any code before. Or you can use Studio to visually map out the kinds of solutions you need and use that as a basis for collaboration with the professional developers who can build them.

Mendix World 2019. Make with more

Professional developers use Mendix Studio Pro, our low-code visual development environment that has all the power and capabilities they need to create robust enterprise applications. Professional developers using Mendix Studio Pro can now collaborate back-and-forth with business users of Mendix Studio to more clearly align objectives and create applications that address business needs more effectively than ever before. (And because we know developers really like control, Studio Pro includes editors so they can still write code the old-fashioned way.)

Through Studio and Studio Pro, developers of every skill level get the benefit of artificial intelligence to guide their work, ratcheting up productivity and application quality while dramatically reducing errors. Now in its second generation, Mendix Assist leverages machine learning based on more than five million logic flows to achieve 95 percent accuracy in many cases, and decrease the cost and time impacts of defects by 100x. And it keeps getting better as it ingests more data every day.

Studio and Studio Pro are built on a single unified platform empowering all makers of every experience level to make more.

Make it smart.

Making it smart means making applications that are intelligent, proactive, contextual, and that deliver rich native experiences. Whether it’s an app to tell you when to leave for a meeting and what route to take, or an app that digests a stream of data from the factory floor and then sets the optimum throughput for a manufacturing process, our world is increasingly guided by intelligent technology that is connected to our lives and world and proactively takes action.

Mendix CEO Derek Roos

Our Spring ’19 Release ushers in a new era of ‘smart,’ starting with Mendix for MindSphere, which uses the power of low-code to bridge the physical and digital worlds through integration with MindSphere, Siemens’ cloud-based, open IoT operating system. The industrial IoT generates billions of data points every day. Mendix for MindSphere enables business, IT, and plant operations staff to quickly build applications— without the need for coding — that leverage machine learning and AI to harvest and use that data to optimize processes and operations.

Mobile is another area that is fertile ground for smart apps. Sensors, cameras, and geolocation provide the data to create contextual, personalized, smart applications that respond to their circumstances and deliver relevant results and experiences. With the Spring ’19 Release, Mendix is launching the only true native low-code application platform in the industry. With Mendix native mobile, developers can leverage mobile device capabilities to create consumer-grade mobile experiences, and use AR and machine learning on devices to create smarter, context-aware, guided user experiences.

Make at scale.

The Mendix no-code/low-code platform is a proven performer for building robust enterprise applications. We continue to make it easier to build, integrate, and manage large portfolios and mission-critical systems. Now with full Kubernetes integration and the introduction of Mendix Cloud Dedicated, we support any and every cloud strategy, with fast and easy deployment and management for public, private, and hybrid clouds and full visibility into your application landscape.

Rounding out our Spring ’19 Release, we’re providing enhanced solutions for the large installed base of SAP users with our exclusive, integrated low-code solution for SAP HANA. Mendix for HANA is a key enabler for migrations from ECC to S/4HANA, and supports customization through side-by-side extensions of S/4HANA “clean core” deployments. Mendix apps delivered on HANA have access to the same unprecedented performance, governance and security, and data analytics that core SAP has, delivering on a single database strategy

Bonus: Make it unified and discoverable.

In one of the most exciting announcements at Mendix World, I mapped out our ‘moon shot’ to usher in the era of the unified, discoverable enterprise: Mendix Data Hub. We’re aiming for the same kind of transformative reinvention of data and resource integration that we achieved with no-code/low-code. The lack of easy access to data presents the next frontier of obstacles that we will tear down. As we enable more makers across the world, they will need to consume enterprise data more easily, without having to employ specialists to give them access to all this data. Mendix Data Hub is designed to provide easy, frictionless access to an enterprise’s entire catalog of data and resources to dramatically enhance the value of applications and boost overall developer productivity.

That’s a lot of news wrapped around one big, three-pronged idea: Make with more, make it smart, make at scale. I hope you’ll take the time to explore all the new capabilities and features of the Mendix Spring ’19 Release that unleash that power.

Bonus #2: Free forever!

Here is one last piece of really great news: I am pleased to announce the launch of the Mendix Free Edition. Now, anyone can use Studio and/or Studio Pro to build whatever apps they want. Unlimited apps, unlimited users. Whether you’re a business analyst or developer, a CEO or a systems architect — go make it! You get the full power of Mendix no-code, low-code to use as long as you want to make as many applications as you want. Our goal is to enable makers to unleash their brilliance with Mendix, quickly and easily.

It’s very exciting to see nearly 5,000 business and technology makers here at Mendix World 2019, exploring and collaborating on the future of application development with no-code/low-code. Are you in?

Welcome to the Mendix maker movement!

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