A case for the business: Unleash your entire enterprise at Mendix World 2019

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A case for the business: Unleash your entire enterprise at Mendix World 2019

A case for the business: Unleash your entire enterprise at Mendix World 2019 by David Bevans

At Mendix World 2019, witness how to unleash the full potential of your enterprise with the power of low-code. Developers, architects, and other IT professionals headed to Mendix World will walk away with a wealth of low-code knowledge. With everything from customer success stories that show how companies are transforming the way they work, all the way to the panels on technology trends given by IT leaders and pundits, how could they not?

But unleashing your enterprise goes beyond your IT department.

At Mendix World, you’re going to learn first-hand how collaboration between business and IT is the key to re-shaping your company’s future. Here are some reasons why you should extend your Mendix World invitation to other business stakeholders in your organization.

Not just speed

According to the 2018 Gartner hpaPaaS Magic Quadrant, the top 3 reasons businesses are adopting low-code are productivity, reduced time-to-market, and improved business process automation.

The common denominator to all three of those value drivers is speed. But if you’re driving really fast and don’t know where you’re going, does speed matter? The rate at which you deliver applications is meaningless if you’re not delivering the right business results. And if you’re not delivering the right business results, you’re wasting time, money, and resources.

Speed is just one part of the equation. The answer lies in collaboration between you, the members of your IT department and the business to start developing the right applications fast.

Enabling a whole company

In a recent survey, an estimated 88 percent of IT leaders surveyed are adopting low-code. Of those 88 percent, 74 percent are planning to integrate business lines into the application development lifecycle. This is because with low-code tools, you can easily bridge the divide between your IT organization and business stakeholders.

There are hundreds of business stakeholders that have great ideas for digital products that, if they just had the programming know-how, could make that product a reality and start delivering value to your company.

Low-code tools like Mendix give those without programming experience the chance to develop the next big value-driving application. With visual modeling, more people outside of your organization can build technologically-sound apps that tap into cutting-edge technologies without minimal coding. With this, you’re enabling a whole company of app builders. For a real-world look at enabling an entire organization, look no further than Securex, a human capital management services company in Europe, that revamped their IT organization with low-code and started working more closely with the business to achieve some great results.

A bonus to business-IT collaboration? Enabling the business to make applications frees up time for your developers to go faster and deeper in their own new development work. Pascal Smissaert recognized this early on in ABN AMRO’s adoption of Mendix. With Mendix, his development team supports both new business ideas and large-scale legacy migration projects.  At Mendix World, you’ll see how Pascal and other organizations dissolved departmental silos, capitalized on the great innovative ideas of the business, maintained their core applications.

Speed + Control + Collaboration

Freeing up developers’ time is important. One way of doing that is removing re-work. Research performed by McKinsey and company states that  70 percent of digital projects fail to meet expectations. This causes a lot of re-work. Up to 80 percent of that re-work, according to Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute, is due to ineffective communications between the business and IT. Having the business more involved in app development helps you avoid re-work and lets you build the right solutions more quickly.

In the face of growing frustrations of an application development process that was slowing down innovation, Barrington Clarke, DevOps Lead at Zurich Insurance, spun up the company’s inaugral DevOps team and began working more closely with product owners. Using Mendix, Clarke, his team, and business stakeholders rapidly and accurately built a portfolio of applications that realized business value faster than they could’ve imagined. At Mendix World, you’ll be hearing from Clarke and learning how to effectively break walls down like he did, keeping business stakeholders engaged and giving them a sense of ownership throughout the development process.

Speed + Control + Collaboration = Value

What do all the customers speaking at Mendix World have in common? They all brought together the IT and the business to start rapidly and accurately developing applications that drive real, tangible business value.

Collaboration between the business and IT can start right now. If you haven’t registered already for Mendix World, click the banner below and do so, and get your business stakeholders to come. Together, you’ll unleash the potential of your WHOLE enterprise.

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