Accelerating and Enhancing the SAP Implementation Lifecycle with Mendix

on August 14, 2014

Earlier this week I had a conversation with Scott Azwell, Lead Consultant at Leveraging Technology Solutions, who has been working with SAP and leading SAP projects for over 20 years, about the SAP implementation lifecycle.  We were discussing the role of different tools within the stages of an SAP implementation project and how a high-productivity app platform like Mendix could help.

Scott immediately recognized the value of Mendix in terms of its ability to rapidly develop applications that sit on top of SAP and help large implementation projects to be more successful.  Using Mendix to supplement or replace similar efforts in ABAP or Hana Cloud Platform, would, in many cases, allow implementers to develop apps faster, more economically, and with greater agility and flexibility throughout what is usually a fairly long project lifecycle.

Looking at each stage in more detail:

  • Wheel_72dpiDesign – The combination of Mendix’s project management and model-driven development capabilities—both native in the platform—means easier capture of requirements and faster translation into prototypes. The ability for end users to quickly see a functional prototype would significantly accelerate the design stage process.
  • Build – Again, visual modeling accelerates the build process to fill the process/functionality gaps that standard SAP cannot handle, without custom code extensions.
  • Test – One-click migration from development to test, SAP-certified integration and easy integration with 3rd party systems. This, combined with end users having a much earlier view through prototypes, would reduce defect resolution cycles.
  • Final Preparation – One-click migration from test to acceptance
  • Deploy and Manage – One-click migration from acceptance to production plus Mendix allows you to deliver one app that seamlessly supports web and mobile, simplifying support
  • Iterate – With constantly evolving business challenges and requirements, Mendix offers a lower cost platform to support changes and updates, and makes it possible for companies to deploy valuable business applications that may have very short lifetimes.

The benefits of this approach are a more responsive implementation, faster implementation time and reduced project risk.  By providing not only a faster route to implementation, but also a more agile approach, the end client regains a large degree of control and flexibility. Mendix gives them the power to make more changes, both pre- and post—go-live, without miring the project in massive cost or time overages common with code-based approaches.  That could make a lot more projects come in on time and in budget, with resulting higher customer satisfaction for both the client and SAP consultants like Scott.