All New Platform APIs Connect Mendix to Your Dev Tools

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All New Platform APIs Connect Mendix to Your Dev Tools

/ June 26, 2013

Mendix 5 has been released! Here is the second post of a series of ‘feature deep dives’ about the latest version of the Mendix App Platform:

  1. Mendix 5 Brings High Design to High Speed App Delivery
  2. All New Platform APIs Connect Mendix to Your Dev Tools
  3. Your Company Now Has Its Own Enterprise App Store

While many of our customers happily use the Mendix App Platform to support every step of the application lifecycle, we understand that many dev teams have their own tools that they want to use. That shouldn’t keep them from harnessing the high-speed forms builder, data structure and logic modeling, or one-click cloud deployment that has put Mendix on the map (er… wave). For that reason, Mendix 5 will include Platform APIs that allow you to connect your development tools to the Mendix App Platform. There will be three APIs available from the start:

Stories API

The Stories API can be used for the capture phase of the application lifecycle. It retrieves sprints, stories, and tasks, and creates, updates, and deletes them. This way you can integrate your agile project management tool of choice into the Mendix Application Lifecycle.

Feedback API

Mendix 5 also offers an API for the feedback phase of the application lifecycle. This API lets you retrieve feedback, submit new feedback, and accept feedback that can then be converted into user stories. Use this API to integrate your incident management tool of choice into the Mendix App Platform.

Buzz & Notification API

This API sends notifications to platform users and is paired with an API to integrate the social activity stream of the Mendix App Platform into your application. This API can be used to post messages to the Buzz and show the discussion thread of that message in your application using the discussion widget that is available in our App Store too.

All of these APIs are available in the form of both App Service and Web Service, and can easily be integrated into Mendix applications as well as consumed by other tools via the SOAP protocol. This is just the beginning of our API strategy. We’re looking forward to seeing what the Mendix partner network will come up with to extend the Mendix App Platform.