Are You Ready to Drive Digital Change with Low-Code Application Development?

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Are You Ready to Drive Digital Change with Low-Code?

/ April 13, 2018

Mendix on Tour is a must-attend event for IT and business leaders who are engaged in digital innovation and looking for a practical interpretation of digital transformation. This event will take place May 29 at the Cruise Terminal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The event helps IT professionals, technical professionals, and business leaders deepen their skills and knowledge in the areas of digital technology through keynotes, breakouts, a Blockchain demonstration, presentations about how to deliver a smart application strategy in a low-code development environment, and extensive networking.

How do you really use digital technology in your business operations to gain competitive advantage or even create new revenue models? This requires a fundamentally different approach and makes it necessary to quickly build and deliver modern applications that reduce the time-to-value and time-to-market.

These three keynote speakers will share their inspiring success stories – you don’t want to miss them!

Regional Director at Eneco Levi van de Ven1. Levi van de Ven, Regional Director at Eneco

“Dear customer, we are going to improve your experience with us!” With this principle, energy supplier, Eneco, has started an important project to optimize the customer journey and the deployment of technicians and partners. Levi van de Ven, Regional Director, believes this focus on the customer will lead to excellent service provisions, with concrete improvements on FTR, Non-Home, travel time and NPS, plus an important contribution to a sustainable world. Discover in Eneco’s inspiring presentation which ingredients are needed for this transformation and how you can achieve a sustainable customer relationship. Learn more about Levi’s vision during Mendix on Tour.

Manager ICT Project and Program Management at Pon Koen Jan Hamburg2. Koen Jan Hamburg, Manager ICT Project and Program Management at Pon

Pon, a car importer, is an enthusiastic user of low-code software development. Pon started two and a half years ago with small simple applications, often in the context of customer contact. Their portfolio involved applications with four to five users, and sometimes even larger apps for 50 to 100 users. After an evaluation with Koen Jan Hamburg, Manager ICT Project and Program Management, the conclusion was that the new way of working brought the business and IT together much more effectively than ever before. Listen to Koen Jan’s inspiring story during Mendix on Tour.


IT Delivery Manager at Rabobank International Direct Banking Irene Ronner

3. Irene Ronner, IT Delivery Manager at Rabobank International Direct Banking (IDB)

Rabobank offers an online savings bank for individuals in Belgium and Germany. Rabobank has made the strategic choice to move to a multi-tenant architecture in the Cloud. Rabobank is currently working on a project in which Mendix is used to unlock the core banking system and to offer new services easily. Irene Ronner, IT Delivery Manager, states that Rabobank wants to be able to make changes on a regular basis, with closer involvement from the business. The ultimate goal is to achieve higher operational efficiency and also a more intimate relationship with its customers. Irene will share her vision during Mendix on Tour.

Along with these speakers, there will be breakout sessions with customers like Stichting Waarborgfonds Eigen Woning, Acumen and Van Dorp Installaties. Learn more about their experiences during Mendix on Tour.

It’s time to be inspired – Let’s innovate better, faster, together. Join us on May, 29th in the Cruise Terminal. We are happy to welcome you to our event!

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