"Ban Email Now!" - Atos CEO Cuts the Clutter

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“Ban Email Now!” – Atos CEO Cuts the Clutter

/ December 1, 2011

Yesterday Atos CEO Thierry Breton announced he will ban all internal email from the work floor within 18 months by stating: “It is not normal that some of our fellow employees spend hours in the evening dealing with their emails. Email is no longer the appropriate communication tool.”

Not to toot my own horn (well maybe just a bit) but at Mendix we have been collaborating, communicating for a long time now using Sprintr. We’ve already noticed many benefits upon adopting the solution, which enables better conversation but also enhances our day to day work life.

Sprintr is of course two things: a) a feedback mechanism aligning what the business truly wants with what developers think the business wants and b) an enterprise collaboration tool with activity streams (company and project wall’s) and agile project management features.

Let’s zoom in on the day to day benefits of using Sprintr for enterprises like Atos. Here are three improvements that happened when Sprintr was introduced to our various global offices:

  1. Mr Breton is right! No more overloaded inbox! Incoming mail has been reduced immensely. No more sales people mailing their wins all the time and receiving 50 congratulations messages afterwards, just one post (and lots of comments and ‘likes’) on Sprintr. No more endless back and forth emailing about the next Mendix company outing and being CC-ed with suggestions (ranging from go-karting to base-jumping), one poll on sprintr and we were done deciding.
  2. Finding documents: No more need to call my CEO (CEO’s seem to be quite busy) 15 times to ask if he will send me the slides of his last talk at the Mendix Essentials. Or where was that campaign planning my manager send me last month? Have I mentioned how convenient it is to have everything in a cloud called Sprintr?
  3. Increase synergy: You don’t email the whole company when you are working on a super-cool Proof of Concept, but people have been posting these activities on Sprintr, resulting in colleagues sharing their building blocks, themes and widgets. By posting simple status updates people become more aware of each others activities and offer a helping hand.
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