Boost Your Development Career with Mendix Learning Paths

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Boost Your Development Career with Mendix Learning Paths

/ November 3, 2017

On the Mendix Community Team, our goal remains to help you succeed in your use of Mendix. This week we introduced a more dynamic way to reach that goal through a redesign of our online training materials and the rebranding of our training site as Mendix Learn. We are now better positioned than ever to help you learn how to work with Mendix in your career.

Why Learn?

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” The great writer Isaac Asimov may not have had hpaPaaS in mind when he wrote those words, but his declaration on the importance of continuously educating oneself is more relevant now than ever. In this era of digital transformation, with its growing need for rapid app development to meet business needs, it’s imperative to get involved and actively learn the most innovative ways to design and build applications.

That’s where Mendix Learn comes in. We want to help you educate yourself with Mendix not just because it’s fun, but because you can walk together with us on this path of rapid app development. That’s why we designed Mendix Learn so that you can explore new territory in your current role or even start a new career.

Mendix Learns Live Demo

In the Spring and Summer of this year, we released new training material for the Advanced level that is more ambitious and robust than ever. Our training material is implemented with the goal of getting you started with the platform, getting you certified, and getting you to more advanced levels of Mendix development. And with the release of Mendix Learn, you can take up various learning paths according to your own role, interest, and pace.

With Mendix Learn, the world of rapid app development opens before you. You will embark on the adventure of working with data, scale new vistas while tracking application behavior, pass safely through the challenges of handing errors, and ride into the sunset while modeling microflows. And you will earn Mendix badges as you make progress!

Start a New Path to Certification

Our learning paths will take you from different starting points, levels, and roles to new stages of Mendix knowledge. The learning paths are all focused on the Developer role as of now, but in the future, we will expand the roles to include a UX Designer and an Architect. Stay tuned for new training material content to reflect those roles!

The ultimate destination for each learning path is certification. Want to work on a Mendix development team? The Become a Rapid Developer learning path will guide you in how to start your Mendix development career. You can follow our advanced learning paths to take your career even further by specializing in one topic, or you can master them all to get certified as an Advanced Developer.

There are various modules you need to complete in each learning path. Each module contains theory and assignment units, and you can start these whenever you would like to learn more about a specific topic. Need details on how to improve your sub-microflows, for example? Check out the Sub-Microflows module. This is in the Master Modeling Microflows learning path, but you can explore any unit in this module to gain the knowledge you need independently. Of course, we do recommend following the learning path directly and completing all the modules. After all, the best way to cover a lot of ground is by following a path!

Course: Master Modeling Microflows

You can take a break on a learning path, enjoy the scenery by applying what you’ve learned in the Desktop Modeler, and move forward again when you’re ready. Supplement your learning paths by watching an expert webinar and even signing up for classroom training. You can easily search all the Mendix Learn content and, if that doesn’t turn up what you need, explore the breadth of our knowledge base in the Mendix documentation.

Improve Your Skill as a Mendix Developer

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