Bringing Together Cloud Advancements to Power Modern Application Delivery

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Bringing Together Cloud Advancements to Power Modern Application Delivery

Bringing Together Cloud Advancements to Power Modern Application Delivery by Edward Hadley

Cloud computing has come a long way from its early days. We’ve seen the process of abstracting away from underlying technology through automation deliver significant advancements in the form of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and rapid app-Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS).

IaaS has simplified infrastructure procurement and reduced ongoing maintenance, while laying the foundation for the cloud’s scalability and flexibility advantages. Meanwhile, PaaS has made application deployment a self-service experience that eliminates hand-offs and improves the productivity and scalability of the engineering team.

Despite this progress, though, neither has addressed how to make it radically easier to build applications in the first place. With traditional programming as sluggish as ever, organizations need additional capabilities to help them keep pace with growing application demands.

Building upon the streamlined provisioning and deployment capabilities of IaaS and PaaS, rapid app-Platform-as-a-Service adds abstraction and automation to the application development process. Intuitive visual modeling capabilities empower a new breed of rapid developers to build apps six times faster than traditional programming methods.

The partnership with Blue Box that we announced today shows how all of these cloud advancements together, providing one of the fastest paths to building, deploying and running cloud-native business applications.

By bringing our visual, model-driven development capabilities to Blue Box Cloud, rapid developers can leverage Mendix to build applications for native OpenStack deployment with the full advantage of Cloud Foundry provisioning and deployment. That means engaging multi-channel applications can be built rapidly, deployed instantly and changed easily.

The partnership also helps advance our strategy of delivering an open, flexible platform that supports seamless, multi-cloud deployment. Earlier this week, we announced our membership in the Cloud Foundry Foundation, joining more than 40 member companies (including Blue Box) in supporting the sustained development and adoption of the open source project.

Integrating with Blue Box is a great example of how we’re helping companies transform application delivery by combining rapid application development with the flexibility, security and scalability of public, private and hybrid clouds based on open standards like Cloud Foundry and OpenStack.

It’s this combination that is enabling enterprises to harness the potential of application delivery to innovate and compete in their markets.

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