Community newsflash: MVP program, widget generator, meetups, wallpapers and more!

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Community newsflash: MVP program, widget generator, meetups, wallpapers and more!

Community newsflash: MVP program, widget generator, meetups, wallpapers and more! by Leon van Moorsel

Here’s a little newsflash about what the community team has been up to lately. We thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know what we’ve been working on.

MVP Program launched

Months in the making, we’ve officially released our Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program. The program showcases devoted developers who help respond to forum posts, share new App Store components, and offer advice on documentation and training. We want to reward our members, and learn from their insight.

Our MVPs commit to the program for a year and have special access to Mendix product managers and executives for special briefings during their year-long term.

Mendix App Store Widgets tooling

Widget deprecation checker

We’ve released two new widget tools. Jelte created a tool that will search for possible JavaScript deprecations in the MPK (widget) files that will break your widget in the new Mendix release. The widget deprecation checker is available on GitHub, and is currently being used by community widget developers to hunt down deprecations, and to make their widgets MX6-proof.

The deprecation checker was used by our App Store content team to detect all the deprecations in Mendix supported widgets, labeled Platform and Mendix Community. For all the widgets that contain deprecations we’ve added new versions to the App Store, so you can easily update your projects that contain these widgets to Mendix 6.

Widget generator

yeoman-mendixThis week we released the new widget generator, which uses the Yeoman scaffolding tool to let you quickly create a Mendix widget based on the latest AppStoreWidgetBoilerPlate. We’re working on a how-to and instruction video as we speak, so make sure you check the Mendix developer’s site for the new material soon.

App Store content upgraded to 5.18 

All the Platform and Mendix Community labeled content in the App Store has been upgraded to 5.18. This mean it can be downloaded from the App Store in the Mendix 6 modeler.

First Expert Developers in the making 

Several months ago we launched the new Expert Developer certification. We’re now in the process of certifying 15 applicants. Want to be part of this Expert Developer group? Check the new certification levels and sign up!

Community blog

The Mendix Developers website is not only created for developers, but also by developers. With the addition of the Community Blog section, we are giving you the opportunity to contribute to the Mendix developer’s site by talking about what you’ve created, built or implemented. View the submissions below and submit your own content.

Community Blog


The success of the Mendix webinars is still growing. Last webinars about OData, kick-starting your UX with Mendix DX, and quality assurance were very well attended and received, with an average rating of 4.3/5. The next webinar will be hosted in the US, by Marshall and Jasper, and will be about custom Java actions.

Sign up!

Launched Mendix Developer Twitter

To keep the Developer’s community up to date with the latest events, like meetups, webinars, and releases, and to engage and excite them, we started the Developer’s Twitter. We hope this will bring us closer to the community and get more exposure for developers.


Over the last couple of months we’ve organised monthly meetups. The response from the community has been great, and we’re hoping to organize many more meetups. Let us know if we can facilitate you in organizing a meetup in your region! Check our upcoming meetups in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Boston.

Mendix Profile

Ok ok. We haven’t released this item yet, but I’m so excited about this topic that I already want to share a sneak peak about the new developer profile that we will release soon. The goal of this initiative is to show you your profile, including your activity on our platform, through all kinds of badges. You can achieve badges by completing various tasks within the Mendix platform. Curious? Keep an eye out for the My Profile release!

Mockup My Profile

mockup of the ‘My Developer Profile’

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