My Community Profile features and sneak peek of the Partner Profile

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My Community Profile features and sneak peek of the Partner Profile

My Community Profile features and sneak peek of the Partner Profile by Leon van Moorsel

In my previous blog post I explained the complete Community Profile. The Community Profile is a must-have to stand out in the community and be part of the Mendix ecosystem. You can use it demonstrate a summary of your profile, skills, industry experience, badges and Mendix Level to our community and customers.

In this blogpost I will explain some cool features within the Community Profile and share a sneak peek of the Partner Profile.

My Community Profile Features

We’ve received a lot of positive responses about the Developer Overview and the transparency it gives to our community. Let me introduce some great features of the Community Profile.

Merge Your Accounts

Since the release of My Community Profile you can merge your old Mendix account(s) into your current Mendix account. This action will combine all your hard-earned points, certifications and achievements in your efforts to climb the leaderboards.

How can I merge my accounts? With three quick and easy steps!

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Make your profile public.
  3. Click the feedback button and add the text: I would like to merge the accounts with email address XXX, XXX and XXX to the account which I provided this feedback item.

We’ll take things from there and notify you when the accounts have been merged.

Note: with this action we only combine the accounts. We don’t deactivate the old account(s). This should be done by that company’s administrator.

Looking for a project and/or a job

We already have a vibrant job board which shows the available jobs and projects. From now on you can also show our customers that you’re available for a job or project. This gives them the opportunity to look for developers who match their requirements for certification levels, skills and expertise, and contact them directly through the ‘Contact me’ button.

My Work

Share your experience and projects with the community! At the My Work tab you can easily add your Mendix project experience by clicking on New Project, fill in the details, and add some screenshots to show off your project. This is a powerful tool to showcase your experience to potential customers.

Partner Profile

With My Community Profile just hot off the shelves, we will release the Partner Profile soon. The Partner Profile will give partner companies the opportunity to present themselves to our community and customers. To make sure customers can find the right Partner for their projects, we will integrate this in the Mendix company website.

The Partner profile will show an aggregate of all the achievements by the developers in that partner company. It’s important that all the developers in the partner company set their profile to public and fill in their talents, certifications and Mendix contributions, to make sure the Partner Profile accurately showcases the combined talents you have to offer!

The partner can add their own summary including a company video, reference cases, support level, social contact profiles, industries, geographical focus, skills and type of services.

In the end, the biggest asset of a company are their employees. The Partner Profile will give our partners the possibility to showcase their developers, talents and certifications.

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