Computable Awards 2018: Your Vote Counts

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Computable Awards 2018: Your Vote Counts

/ July 9, 2018
Computable Awards

Computable is holding its annual award ceremony, The Computable Awards, in Utrecht on October 30th.  For 50 years, Computable has been the independent source of information for ICT news, products and services in the Netherlands. With, the Computable Magazine, an extensive whitepaper library, and the daily e-mail newsletter, Computable has a high reach among ICT decision-makers and specialists in the Netherlands. These awards are considered to be one of the most important ICT prizes of the Netherlands. Computable will be held for the 13th time to award companies, projects and people who have distinguished themselves in the past year. After all, nominees are known, the readers of Computable can also vote. The voice of the market, your votes, count for 50 percent, and the other half is determined by the main jury and the sub-jury.

Mendix is fortunate to have been nominated in seven categories, thanks to great projects in collaboration with our customers and partners. Here are the projects that have been nominated and what makes them award-winning cases.

IT Training Center of the Year: Mansystems Mendix Academy

In order to accelerate the training of Mendix developers and help our customers and partners close their talent gap, we have partnered with Mansystems to offer a further hands-on experience beyond our own training. The goal of the Mansystems Mendix Academy is to enable trainees to shape their digital transformation knowledge with classroom education, online learning, and hands-on experience. Mansystems is responding to the shortage of software developers by offering traineeships, boot camps and workshops through the Mansystems Academy.

Due to the intensity of the program, the Mendix developer can add significant value to the development team after a seven-week boot camp. Mansystems Academy operates on the basis of expertise and solutions and focuses on further helping participants, making them more effective and preparing them for successful application of Mendix.

IT Project of the Year in Healthcare: VGZ with their Zorg App

The VGZ cooperative is the second largest health insurer in the Netherlands. Via a number of brands, it ensures more than four million people and is not driven by profit, but by the desire to provide good, affordable and sensible healthcare to its customers.

The insurer has drawn its attention to further improving account information and the process for submitting claims. With a new solution built on Mendix, it now offers online services with responsive design to meet the different platform types that customers use. VGZ also decided to offer a special smartphone app, the VGZ Zorg App.

This app stands out because VGZ listened carefully to the customer and looked at how they could make the app as effective as possible. With their new care app, VGZ ensures that the customer can arrange his or her healthcare to perfection. On the backside, the app has been managed to integrate with internal processes, which means that the app not only offers an advantage on the customer side but also to the business operations of VGZ. These advantages are that customers can now scan receipts, file claims and use the app to prove to a health professional that they are insured. They can, among other things, view their annual surplus (or ‘own risk’ balance), conditions, and expenses. The app ensures that processes previously experienced as difficult by the customer are now extremely simplified. Meanwhile, a mailbox functionality has been built where the customer can view the entire correspondence with VGZ, pay invoices and deliver PDF files.

With the app, VGZ has succeeded in increasing overall customer satisfaction by saving a great deal of time in the care process, without compromising the safety of customer data.

Digital Innovation of the year: Van Dorp Installaties with their Building Monitor App

Van Dorp Installaties is a technical service provider that manages thousands of buildings and their installations. Technical building management is a fairly traditional market where usually not much innovation takes place. Within the Building Monitor project, Mendix partner TimeSeries has worked with Van Dorp Installaties to build an application for both desktop and mobile that provides clear, real-time information on each of the managed buildings, for both Van Dorp and the customer. Innovative techniques such as reading smart meter data, dynamic determination of operational energy labels, smart asset management, and automatic matching and scheduling of certified technicians to specific customer reports are all combined in one clear application. The information and the resulting actions are proactively communicated to the customer, which results in shorter turnaround times, optimized planning and cost savings.

Digital Transformation of the Year: Hortilux with their HortiSense App

In horticulture, growers want to maximize their crop yield every season, depending on conditions such as light and climate control. The Hortilux team, along with Mendix partner First Consulting, developed an application on the Mendix platform called HortiSense. HortiSense is an IoT application that measures, among other things, the light output and climate in the greenhouse, monitors transformers and electrical panels for signals that indicate overheating, the quality of the power supply (Power Quality) and the expected remaining lifetime of lamps. Users can limit risks based on these measured values and control them more effectively, thus increasing the yield. In addition, based on this information, growers can proactively order replacement products, send out service requests, and request maintenance reports, technical drawings, and warranty information via an integrated customer portal and web shop.

Learn more about HortiSense here.

Digital Transformation of the Year: Nationale Hypotheek Garantie

The Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG) is an insurance organization that ensures the certainty of a responsible and affordable mortgage. Due to the changing mortgage market, NHG has the strategic need to offer new and more flexible services to its customers. Their old system was incredibly rigid, and NHG was looking to create a flexible environment in which they could launch their new services. NHG has a lot of data exchange with mortgage lenders, which had been previously done via outdated media. The online environment was dated and was used to a limited extent by the lenders. NHG wanted to digitize the entire data exchange with for better user experience and engagement.

Another challenge was that by using multiple applications, there was double the data, and the retrieval of data was time-consuming and error-prone. NHG, therefore, wanted to streamline a uniform data model and (chain) processes with a flexible workflow. Appronto has helped transform the outdated system into a flexible application landscape on Mendix. Thanks to NHG, more than 1.3 million households (out of a total of 4.4 million owner-occupied homes) are living up to their housing needs.

CxO of the year: Derek Roos

Mendix was founded in 2005 in Rotterdam by Derek Roos and two co-founders. This is six years before the market for low-code application development existed. He found that most companies had a complicated and rigid development process, which brought frustration to him. As a result, he was motivated to speed up the development process from months to days, with both non-technical business professionals and IT professionals having a common language in developing applications. The original vision to give people with a business background the tools to build applications and work with IT, so that both the business and IT can play an active role in the development process of an application, is still very relevant today and remains our primary goal.

Software Vendor of the Year: Mendix

Last but not least, because of the projects mentioned above, our company vision, work culture, and achievements, we are also nominated in the category: Software Vendor of the Year.

The voting for Computable Awards is now open and we hope you will participate and vote for your favorites!