Computable Awards 2020: Who Gets Your Vote?

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Computable Awards 2020: Who Gets Your Vote?

Computable Awards 2020: Who Gets Your Vote? by Svante Nilsson

Computable Awards 2020

It’s that time of the year again – The Computable Awards.

Digitization is higher on the agenda of organizations than ever. Due to the current global crisis, we are also seeing that organizations suddenly have to organize their work differently and that the need for digitization of work processes and services is much more urgent for many organizations. Low-code offers the solution for this. Yet few organizations have the technical capabilities and developers in-house that are required to innovate successfully.

We are proud to announce that a number of our customers have succeeded in this. This year, together with our customers, we have won no fewer than three nominations in two categories! These awards are one of the most important ICT honors in the Netherlands and are awarded to companies, projects, and people who have clearly distinguished themselves in the past year.

Which projects have been nominated? Read more and see what makes them award-winning cases.

Beet Advisory System from Cosun Beet Company, SAP and Mendix

Mendix and Cosun Beet Company (formerly Suiker Unie), the most efficient sugar beet processor in Europe, are helping its 9,000 cooperative growers optimize agricultural yields from their beet fields with the innovative Beet Advisory System (BAS). BAS combines information from Cosun Beet Company’s own database with data supplied by the growers, public sources, sensor information, and observations of the field service employees to give each farmer customized advice.

“Linking these data sources is unique in the agricultural sector. Furthermore, providing individual growers with detailed information on each parcel level via BAS is unparalleled,” says Hummel. “Previously, we published a ‘cultivation manual’ with general information about growing, germination, nutrition, and disease control. It was up to the grower to read the manual and decide whether the information was applicable to his parcels. Now, BAS collects and analyzes the data and provides it easily across different devices, tailored to the individual needs of the growers.”

Predicting delivery date of parcels with PostNL, Amazon Web Services, Python, Cape Groep and Mendix

PostNL is responsible for the successful delivery of over 7 million letters and 1.5 million parcels across Europe each day. With this project PostNL is able to predict whether each individual parcel will be delivered to PostNL on the same day, immediately after the parcel has been pre-registered. This allows PostNL to give the recipient the opportunity to change the delivery method at an earlier time of the day.

Secrid Supplier Portal with Secrid, Appronto, ALL THIS and Mendix

Secrid, a company that designs and produces the next generation of wallets, has built a new supplier portal leveraging Mendix’s low-code platform. The portal will help Secrid streamline processes with its 50 suppliers and provide transparency across inventory and planning. In just a decade, Secrid has grown from an innovative Dutch start-up to a globally known, multi-million-dollar company with products sold in 8,000 stores across 70 countries. The new supplier portal built with Mendix is fundamental for Secrid to optimize the production and logistics process and support further growth. “We sell 1.5 million wallets in six different materials and hundreds of models annually,” said Thomas Boogert, IT manager at Secrid. “Due to our enormous growth and a relatively complex product, it became increasingly difficult to efficiently manage the production process while providing insights for all parties involved.”

“This is the only way we can grow through the scale-up phase. With our Supplier Portal based on Mendix, we can now confidently say that we are ready for the next decade of growth,” Boogert said.

If you want to learn more about this project, please visit our Mendix World Event Hub for a more in depth session with Secrid.

Vote now

The voting for the Computable Awards is now open through November 1st and we hope you will participate and vote for your favorites!

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