Date and Time Handling in 3.0

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Date and Time Handling in 3.0

/ October 3, 2011

Dealing with date and time is a relatively simple affair if your application is aimed at users in one timezone and both the server and the users reside in that same timezone. If, however, your server is in one place and users come from all over the world, you will need to be very aware of all the issues involved.

Version 3.0 of our technology brings with it much more advanced date and time handling. In version 2.5 and before server time was used for operations like generating documents. This is undesirable if the server and the users are not in the same time zone. In 3.0 the time zone of the user is used for these operations. Also, users can specify their time zone (or an administrator does that for them) to properly deal with daylight saving time.

These changes and the actions you might need to take are described in a new documentation page: Date and Time Handling in 3.0.

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