Dutch Channel IT Awards 2020: Who Gets Your Vote?

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Dutch Channel IT Awards 2020: Who Gets Your Vote?

Dutch Channel IT Awards 2020: Who Gets Your Vote? by Svante Nilsson


One of the most important ICT honors in the Netherlands, the Dutch Channel IT Awards, are given to companies, projects, and people who have clearly distinguished themselves in the past year. It’s no small thing to be nominated, which is why we are proud to announce that this year, we have won no fewer than four nominations in three categories!

Which projects have been nominated? Read more and see what makes them award-winning cases.

  • Software Innovator of the year : Mendix
  • CxO of the year : Derek Roos, Mendix
  • IoT Innovator of the year : Liftinsight  & Nokavision

Software Innovator of the year

Over the years, Mendix has completely changed the software development landscape. In 2020 Mendix was the first supplier to bring an all-in-one low-code platform on the market, which extends over different domains, including data integration, intelligent automation with solutions for different branches and advanced multi experience development. Market leader Mendix, ‘the party with the most complete vision’, was again named leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms in 2020.

CxO of the year: Derek Roos

With Mendix, Derek Roos embodies the classic story that started in a small dorm. Two years ago, the industrial conglomerate Siemens took over Mendix for 628 million Euros . Mendix received a freedom to act guarantee with which it could continue to operate independently.

Derek Roos proves that he can continuously bring the the company to even greater height s : in 2020 Mendix has already exceeded the turnover growth that was realized the last three years.

A few other facts & figures that support the exceptional performance of Derek Roos:

  • After having realized a turnover of more than 100 million euros, Mendix is now on its way to double its annual recurring income in the next 18 months.
  • Nearly 10 million users consult the apps created with the Mendix low-code platform on a weekly basis.
  • In the first eight months of 2020 , more than 120,000 applications were built with the Mendix platform.
  • The ‘Mendix Maker community’ – a group of loyal developers who actively use the platform and support each other – has doubled this year to almost 200,000 ‘Mendix Makers’.
  • No less than 90 percent of the contracts with customers were renewed. The platform is now used in 25 different industries and this number is still increasing.
  • Mendix was for the second time by Gartner proclaimed a leader in low – code platforms and is recognized as the low-code supplier with the most vision.
  • The first offices in Mendix Asia-Pacific opened this past year with local teams. Mendix thus has a strong position to break through in China, India, Japan, South-East Asia, Australia and New Zealand in 2021. Derek Roos has turned the company he founded in 2005 into a truly global organization.

IoT Innovator of the year

T his year two of our partners and customers are nominated in the category IoT Innovator of the Y ear. It is a prize for the supplier who has delivered a unique and innovative IoT solution. The jury assesses which suppliers have helped their customers with a unique Internet of Things solution, possibly in collaboration with other IT suppliers and IT service providers (co-creation).

Nokavision & Tap & Pay App for Hutten

Nokavision has been nominated with the Tap & Pay App for Hutten for a Dutch IT Channel Award in the category “IoT Innovator of the year”. T hey built the application using Mendix. The native mobile app makes visiting a caterer’s company restaurant a lot easier. On the app, the restaurant visitor immediately sees the menu of the day, his order history and, for example, promotions such as combination deals. Tap & Pay uses IoT-based Electronic Shelf Labels, a kind of card that come s with all products and that visitors can “tap” if t he y want them. Payment is also completely mobile, via Payconiq and by controlling unmanned pin terminals from the app.


Liftinsight delivers innovative elevator solution s, one of which was the IoT solution Liftmanager, a tool made with Mendix. Liftmanager makes it much easier for maintenance staff and inspectors to enter and view maintenance data. While many elevators in the world are still maintained by hand with ‘physical’ ledgers, Liftmanager utilizes scans of (unique) QR codes in each elevator. Because Liftmanager uses sensors that monitor an elevator ‘in real time’, failures can be prevented in time. The solution is used by major international elevator manufacturers, such as the Swiss company Schindler.

Vote now

The voting for the Dutch IT Channel Awards is now open through March 1st and we hope you will participate and vote for your favorites!

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