Errors with multiple locations

One of the advantages of having a visual model and no source code is that there is less room for errors. There is no need to match braces or add forgotten semi-colons while drawing your microflow. Of course, errors can still be made and the Modeler constantly checks your model and reports the results in the error list.

For some errors it is not clear which model element is to blame. Take for example the following error message:

The grid of the pop-up form must contain a ‘Select’ button.

What might the cause of this error be? Either you forgot to add a ‘Select’ button to the grid or you selected the wrong form as the pop-up form of the reference set selector ‘Add’ button. If you double click the error, it will take you to the pop-up form where you can add a ‘Select’ button. But if that was not the problem you can also right-click the error and jump to the ‘Add’ button and fix things there.

Screen Shot
An error with two locations

So the next time you end up at the wrong location when double clicking an error, be sure to check whether there are alternative locations to jump to!