Everyone has APPtitude – who are the new players in enterprise app delivery?

In July, we launched our first social quiz, helping business and IT folks to assess their true APPtitude. We’re pleased to say that people from a variety of countries, holding a variety of roles within the enterprise, took the quiz and shared their APPtitude across social channels!

So – what is APPtitude? In our recent blog post, we shared how every employee should now think of him- or herself as part app developer. Now, we don’t expect everyone across the business to build apps, but we do think it’s important to empower everyone to actively participate in the process.

The rationale is simple. Every company, no matter the industry, must think and act like a software company.  The enterprise demands new applications, both to power internal business operations and external customer interactions. But IT traditional teams can’t keep up with the increase in projects.

The APPtitude quiz was designed to shed light on the various roles that individuals play within application development projects today. We decided to package up the results in an eBook that’s as fun as the quiz itself.

As we expected, there is an overall democratization of the development process. In the eBook below, we outline the definition of APPtitude and its seven personas. From there, we highlight which job roles are getting involved in app development and what role these individuals play within the overall process. View the full report below.


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