5 reasons you should start collaborating socially

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5 reasons you should start collaborating socially

/ June 9, 2011

Mendix launched sprintr™ into private beta last week. We’ve been using it for a while now, and I’ve noticed some interesting advantages. I won’t dive into all the features here but, more importantly I’d like to discuss what social collaboration will do for your project-team, your department and your company.

1: Breaking down traditional organizational boundaries

It’s true, barriers are broken now that we use sprintr™: No more waiting for people to respond to your email – even the ones with overloaded in-boxes, and no more disconnect between distributed teams and departments.

Breaking down traditional organizational boundaries

Three departments divided by a huge pond collaborating seamlessly (from Management Board to Marketing Departments): The Netherlands (Rolf Mulder), U.S. (Eric Peters) and CEO Derek Roos who is around the globe constantly. Saves a lot of emailing and messaging back and forth, which brings us to the next main advantage of Social Collaboration…

2: Keep your inbox clean

Check the user story “streamline trial process”, 21 comments! That could have been 21 emails back and forth, with people CC’d in. We all know that every morning our inbox is swamped with dozens of emails CC’d to you, most of them not even relevant.

Clean up your inbox

3: Manage your project information stream effectively: Conversation and files archived properly

Being involved in project means information management, and before social collaboration there was hardly any good way of integrating conversation and file sharing (wire frames, flowcharts etc.) all in the same place. Especially for those who [still] work in waterfall methods, will be bombarded with documents: requirements, flowcharts, designs, wire frames, requests for changes etc. This new way of communicating enhances conversation, but also makes it possible to have the right information at hand at the right time.

Conversation and files archived properly

4: Capturing the eureka moment

When we leave our offices, cubicles (are they still around?) or workplaces, our minds are still working on some brilliant ideas. It is often the case that the best ideas occur outside the office. Sprintr™ connects you to your work when you want to be. Think: Real-time collaboration.

5: Best idea over loudest voice

The introverted guy next to you might have better ideas than the guy on your other side who always gets his point across, even when he’s wrong. By adding simple polls and voting capabilities to an online collaboration space, you democratize information and keep noise levels low.

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