Get visibility in the Mendix App Store!

Since the Mendix App Store has been launched along with 2.5-beta, App Store content has been published at an amazing rate. The App Store already contains dozens of useful business components, technical components, widgets, and themes.

Once 2.5.0 is released, every Mendix developer will have instant access to this content from within the Mendix Business Modeler. If you take into account that we will give the App Store a prominent place on the Mendix homepage and make the content accessible to every visitor, you see what a great opportunity the Mendix App Store is to get visibility as a Mendix Partner!

5 steps towards visibility in the Mendix App Store

  1. Create compelling content (a widget, a component, or a theme, see the App Store for examples).
  2. Upload your content to the Mendix App Store (go to the App Store and click the quick link ‘How to publish’ at the left for more information).
  3. Choose pricing method:

    1. Free: the uploaded content is freely available to Mendix developers. They will recognize you as a leading expert in Mendix technology and optionally pay you for support.
    2. Request information: Mendix developers cannot download your content but only view screen shots, a demo movie, and the documentation. They can send you a message to ask for pricing information and how to obtain the content from you.
  4. Add your logo, screen shots, and documentation.
  5. Publish! (the Mendix team will evaluate and approve your content).

Publishing early will give you a number of advantages. It ensures your idea has not been implemented by others. It also gives you the opportunity to enter the most popular top list fairly easily (as compared to later on when a lot of content exists). So, do not hesitate and reserve your front row seat now! (Go to App Store)


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