Harvard students develop order processing portal for medical device industry

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Harvard students develop order processing portal for medical device industry

/ March 1, 2010

Well that didn’t take very long. A few weeks ago we had a post about the Mendix University Program entering the ivy leagues with a plan to invoke the genius of tomorrow’s leaders. Simply put, we wanted to see what these students could do using the Mendix platform. We heard back from students who, for a capstone project at Harvard University, created an order processing portal for the medical device industry.

The order processing portal had to manage complex configurations of medical equipment and be accessible via the web. With a prototype in hand, the students researched the feasibility of deploying Mendix at an enterprise level.

Students and professors were impressed by the speed and functionality of the project…

“In our view the tool is both robust and powerful. There was some learning curve after that it took us only three days to develop a pilot project. The working prototype was highly admired by the instructor and program committee who reviewed it in the final presentation. Mendix also provided a binding layer for our solution to connect disparate systems such as CRM and ERP.”

-Irfan Qureshi, Harvard University student

The team back at Mendix global headquarters is extremely pleased. Students were able to take the added benefits that Mendix offers and use them to their advantage in class. From these projects, we can learn new ways to implement our software platform. The medical device industry is one that could benefit greatly from business agility. For that matter, any highly competitive industry necessitates some degree of quick thinking, and quick acting, management. The Mendix University Program is growing and we’re always looking for neat projects to feature in the Business Agility Blog. Keep us posted, and great work guys!