Highlights from the Developer Meetup in London

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Highlights from the Developer Meetup in London

Highlights from the Developer Meetup in London by Simon Black

In the heart of London at the Mendix HQ, around 20 developers met to talk about their experiences with Mendix, hear how other community members tackle similar challenges, and meet the Mendix team. It was the first Mendix Meetup hosted in the UK and everyone who attended said that it was a great success.

Here are a few of the highlights from the event

Simon Black, Sales Engineer from Mendix, kicked off proceedings with a few slides discussing the latest and greatest Mendix 6 features. Afterwards he gave a live demo of building an app from scratch using the Model SDK. With one script he showed how you can build a full runnable application including pages, domain model, security, and microflows. This script can be found on Github, for anyone interested in how it was built.

Many of the audience could see great benefits in the Model SDK to build scripts for things like automated testing, model analysis, conversion of legacy applications, and many more. It was great to see how everyone was so excited to start using the SDK to build new and exciting features to help speed up development and testing. Darren Beavers from Dun & Bradstreet was most interested in using the Mendix Model SDK to help with generating automatic testing scripts for selenium. The SDK demo led to a good discussion around the limitations of the SDK and when to use the SDK over using the traditional modeler.

Once the application was built with the SDK, Simon showed how this application could easily be packaged up and deployed to a new AWS EC2 instance. There were several questions from the audience around whether Mendix could support certain AWS services like: RDS, SNS and S3. This was later confirmed by our RND team and shared with the community on how to implement.

London Meetup

After the demonstration a number of topics were highlighted as being of interest for the next Mendix Meetups. These included: UX Framework, Testing automation, Offline Mobile, OData, PhoneGap/App Build & Customer experiences. It was agreed that the Meetups should be a community event where everyone shares ideas, event and helps organize. Each month there should be a chosen topic, which will include a formal presentation from a chosen speaker, which will change each month. Afterwards we will have informal drinks in a local pub.

The community then moved onto the informal part of the evening with a few drinks in the local pub. Over a few pints of London’s best ales, the discussion turned to how to scale Mendix within an organization and the best practices to do so. Darren Beavers shared some useful insight into how they expanded Mendix within Dun & Bradstreet. The Mendix team also shared some useful insights into their start small and scale approach.

Mohammed Sidqui and Iain Lindsey, from Auraq, discussed with the Mendix team about using SASS with the DX Framework. The Mendix expert services team shared some of their advice on how to use build tools like Scout, Koala and Grunt to speed up styling. Mendix also shared some best practices on how to utilize the bootstrap framework to its full potential.


For the first Mendix Meetup in the UK, we all agreed that it was a great success. We had a really good turnout, but we want to make the next event even bigger and better. There was a lot to share, demo, and talk about. We loved the excitement and anticipation we got when showing previews of new features we are working on. It was a great opportunity to talk about some issues and offer solutions. All in all, we can safely say the first event was a great success. A big thank you to everyone who was there, we had a brilliant time!

View photos of the Meetup here.

The next Meetup in the UK will be in London, on January 21st 2016. Click here to sign up. Want to know if there’s going to be a Meetup near you? Check out the Mendix Meetup groups here.

See you there!

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