Hitting the Ground Running in Boston’s Enterprise Tech Scene

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Hitting the Ground Running in Boston’s Enterprise Tech Scene

/ July 10, 2013

Following the first day at my new internship, I walk across the Congress Street Bridge and stumble into a group of school kids beginning a Boston Tea Party Museum tour. “We were merry at the idea of making such a large cup of tea for the fishies!” yells an emphatic tour guide who looks to be around my age, the biggest difference between us being that I’m not dressed like a ridiculous Revolutionary pirate. Aside from the frilly suit, we both share the desire to be working in one of the nation’s hottest innovation hubs. Go ahead and call me out on my assumption, but the Tea Party Museum seems like an appropriate tip-of-the-hat to the innovators who thriftily crafted a rebellion by dumping old Earl Grey into the harbor. And nowadays, everyone seems to be flocking to Boston’s newly-crowned Innovation District–even dudes shamelessly dressed like Paul Revere.

I secured my spot here a few weeks ago when I was hired by Mendix, a fast-growing and fun enterprise tech company that licenses its app platform to enterprises that want multi-device applications at light-speed. I’ll admit that I didn’t know how easily I would transition into a fast-paced enterprise technology company like Mendix, but I’ve quickly come to learn that it’s a really sweet spot to have landed a summer gig. Here are a few reasons why I’m so pumped about my new setup:

  1. The age-old adage of work hard, play hard defines the office atmosphere. When my coworkers aren’t chatting with the chief information officers of Fortune 500 companies, they’re probably competing in feats of pseudo-athleticism: chucking mini-basketballs at our office hoop, playing casual lunch-break games of 3v3 at the new basketball court next door, or vying for limited conference rooms in the seemingly ever-shrinking office. A strong, positive attitude is a key prerequisite to working at Mendix, which I learned after talking with sales reps in the UK and the Netherlands. The 25 Boston team members need to be tightly-knit unit in order to assure the success and adoption of the Mendix App Platform in the US, and what better way is there to build camaraderie than over vrijdag middag borrel? (The Dutch equivalent of “TGIF, break out the beers.”)
  2. The geography of Boston’s innovation centers has shifted from Kendall Square/ Cambridge over to the Seaport, making it one of the most popular places in Boston to work. How do you like them apples? Let me tell you, Will Hunting. Tech companies both seasoned and startup have been settling in this harbor-side hood and establishing it as a technology haven for the masses. And guess what: the IT world isn’t packed with nerds in suits. This fact is evident when walking to the plethora of nearby lunch spots, grabbing drinks at Lucky’s Speakeasy across the street, or fueling up at Barrington Coffee.
  3. For those of you who are as captivated with my words as I am, I bring good news: we’re expanding. In my short time here, I’ve already watched five new employees join the Mendix ranks. I even filled in our new UK Director of Sales on our database management strategy, which should at least bump me up to “Executive Intern” or something along those lines, right? As a newcomer, I’ve had the opportunity to take on unanticipated responsibilities and witness the ongoing growth and flourishing potential of an exciting young company. Mendix is continuing to hire more manpower and looking for some bigger, sleeker new digs in the neighborhood, which means that you can help imprint Mendix into the DNA of the country’s most promising innovation district.

Ultimately, if you’ve worked in technology before or even consider yourself to be the most innovative mind of your generation, Mendix is a great place to work and follow your career path through enterprise technology. If you disagree, I heard the Tea Party Museum is looking to hire new wig designers.

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