Houston, We Are Ready for Launch: Here’s What You Can Expect in Mendix 5

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Houston, We Are Ready for Launch: Here’s What You Can Expect in Mendix 5

/ May 15, 2013

We’re just a few weeks away from launching a big release of the Mendix App Platform, and we wanted to give the Mendix Community a heads up on what’s in store!

This release is designed to make it even easier and faster for application delivery teams to build powerful business applications across multiple devices and is jam-packed with new features:

Here are some highlights of Mendix 5 to look forward to:

  • A new UI “layouts” feature will make it easier and faster to create stunning UIs across different screen sizes.
  • We are introducing App Services which allow you to automatically share application functionality across applications.
  • A new Enterprise App Store will give you the ability to privately share apps and components throughout your organization and as always, with the Mendix Community.
  • Last but not least, our new Platform API will allow you to directly integrate the Mendix App Platform with your other development processes and tools.

As a Mendix user do I need to do anything? No, there is nothing for you to do right now. After we roll out the release in June, you will automatically see the new features when you log in. All of your existing apps will continue to run as usual, and you’ll be able to move them to Mendix 5 on your own release schedule.

When is Mendix 5 coming?

The official unveiling of Mendix 5 is planned for early June. Stay tuned for more updates here on the Mendix blog as we get closer to the big launch.

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