Insurer De Goudse speeds up its IT and Business with Mendix

on December 12, 2016

Insurer De Goudse is increasing its emphasis on supporting entrepreneurs – because as a family business, entrepreneurship lies close to its heart. De Goudse wants to echo the flexibility and energy that characterizes this target group in its own business due to the operational speed it yields. To achieve this, it chose Mendix after an intensive market investigation.

De Goudse’s focus is on customer-centric insurance through innovative products and services. The initiative to speed up the business was to be originally realized through a substantial reduction in the lead time for IT projects. However, after a visit to Mendix World, a new world opened up for De Goudse. IT Architect Warry van Arkel said, “We were immediately enthusiastic about the extensive possibilities the Mendix Platform offers, particularly the speed. That is when we took our first step into the future. On the one hand the cloud requires a different way of working, agile, while on the other hand, anyone with a bit of IT background can work with it.”


Team Manager of System Integration Willem Wierikx saw a range of problems simply vanish at once: “For starters, there’s no more frustration with IT, because we no longer have to say ‘no’ to the business. Just as important is that we can now deploy the speed of our IT strategically. Tailor-made new products and services are built with Mendix, with project teams that include all stakeholders from both the business and IT. That lets us start projects faster and without any fuss. With Mendix the building process of apps is six times more efficient than before. We can make any adjustments and learn as we go.”


De Goudse is now working with a new IT environment which functions brilliantly right from the start. They are currently deploying the Mendix Platform to assist their customers, intermediaries and portals, and to optimize the operational processes. As a result of one of the developed apps, it is no longer necessary for De Goudse to do extensive manual tasks. They can now quickly deliver accurate insurance policies to customers.