Introducing Make/Shift: The Mendix Low-Code Podcast

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Introducing Make/Shift: The Mendix Podcast

Introducing Make/Shift: The Mendix Podcast by Garret Weigel

Make/Shift Low-Code Podcast

We wanted to share some exciting news… we’re launching a podcast!

Introducing Make/Shift, an open conversation where we sit down with leaders and makers across IT and business to explore how your peers adopted low code. Join us to get a better understanding of why low code is the solution to rapidly digitize processes using existing resources, deliver much-needed solutions to market more quickly, and cut down on the cost of development.

What is Make/Shift all about?

Changing up your development practice doesn’t happen overnight. From the team leader who makes a dramatic shift to get more done with less, to the makers across industries and business functions who turn their ideas into reality, the skill of choosing where, when, and how to make an impact at your company takes hard work.

Sometimes the best strategy is to learn from what others have done before and to create your own path to success. Looking to start delivering solutions more quickly? Struggling to start and accelerate that legacy modernization project? Need inspiration for improving a process in your organization? Then subscribe to Make/Shift, where we explore how thinkers become makers, and illuminate the journey that individuals take to build solutions that make an impact on their organization.

Meet our guest speakers

The first two episodes of Make/Shift cover a wide range of topics, including an IT lead’s experience delivering apps to tens of thousands of users and an enterprise architect’s process of deciding how to enhance their monolithic .NET architecture.

On our first episode, we chat with Sven Fleischer, Global IT Team Lead at Continental. As he and so many IT leaders know, improving internal processes at low cost is now a business imperative to stay competitive. Sven discusses his experience tackling their legacy modernization for critical process apps and how this project drove them to adopt low code, leading to a surge in citizen development across his organization. We also hear where low code takes them next, including new solutions delivered to address issues arising from COVID-19.

On episode 2, we chat with Miroslav Samoylenko, Ph.D., Managing Technical Architect at Trane Technologies. Miroslav discusses their process of moving to microservices from their .NET architecture, and how his organization supported the creation of a Mendix Center of Excellence once they realized the capabilities that a few developers and a low code platform could offer. From enabling business units to develop their own applications to building complex solutions of his own, learn how low code can enable widespread use of existing databases while maintaining a centralized governance model.

Gain insight into the transformation that our customers made to enable citizen development and build solutions, faster, and find out how to leverage your best asset – your employees – to build powerful applications.

A candid, unfiltered conversation from our incredible customers

We hope you enjoy our acoustic take on highlighting the incredible projects our community has built – we know we sure do. The episodes are designed to fit into your busy stay-at-home schedule, to inspire you, and be quick enough to squeeze in between meetings (or your cleaning schedule).

Don’t forget to listen below and subscribe to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes. Let’s get listening!

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