It's Always Black Friday in the Mendix AppStore

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It’s Always Black Friday in the Mendix AppStore

/ November 23, 2010

As the big day steadily approaches, the most serious holiday shoppers are preparing their lists, checking them twice, and getting ready for the mayhem that ensues the Friday after every Thanksgiving. Consumers in the United States are known for their vigorous shopping habits and cunning ability to seek out deals – but as an international software company, we see the best deals in enterprise software happening every day of the year, in our online marketplace for apps.

The AppStore is a marketplace for applications built on the Mendix platform. Users from around the world, whether they’re implementation partners, graduates from the Mendix OnCampus Program, or just advocates of the unique technology, are continuously adding their work to the AppStore for any number of reasons. During this time of year, when retail shoppers are reaching their peak of insanity, I like to remind enterprise shoppers of all the great ways they too can save on their end-of-year purchases.

Budgets have been held tight all year, as economic unpredictability continues to rattle the global economy and its retail and enterprise shoppers alike. If they haven’t already, those of the enterprise software market are predicted to move towards the cloud in 2011. The best deals in cloud application add-ons can be found in the Mendix AppStore, where a huge community of Mendix users are adding and sharing models, widgets, apps, and themes all year long.

The deals found here are not promotional – just more cost effective than almost anything out there. They represent the Mendix philosophy of increasing business agility with agile tools and methodologies. Fundamental to this philosophy, and to the chagrin of many boxed solution vendors, Mendix allows organizations to build customized software that solves their specific problems, at black Friday prices, all year long.

So if you’re looking for ways to finish off that budget you’ve been protecting, look no further than your own organization. Do you see any operational inefficiencies, overworked IT people, or boxed solutions that need additional functionality? Are you still waiting for an ROI to surface from your 2007 software investments? Maybe you should give Mendix a try, or talk to someone who already has. What better time to think about giving your organization a pinch of agility to start the New Year.

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