Join the aPaaS Conversation at GartnerSYM: Top Tweets

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Join the Conversation at GartnerSYM: Top Tweets from the Event

/ October 19, 2016

We hope you’re having a great time at Gartner Symposium and tweet, tweet, tweeting away! There have been many great sessions that stirred up a lot of social activity.

From the stream of twitter posts it seems that IT leaders are on the precipice of a new chapter in how IT functions within a business and how that will impact our continuously evolving digital society.  To some, it can be daunting and to others it is exhilarating. Either perspective, it is clear that what’s top of mind for IT leaders is how to make the best use of resources that support digital innovation – talent, data and technology. The silver bullet solution is not to throw money at those aspects, rather it’s to empower and support employees with the culture and tools they need to break through the common practices of today that will change the business of tomorrow.

Here we’ve selected some of the top tweets from those at the conference. And turns out Carlsberg has a Doctor of Beer Brewing, who knew! Cheers to enjoying and sharing insights at #GartnerSYM!