Joining Mendix: From the Corporate Grind to the Agile Kind

Joining Mendix: From the Corporate Grind to the Agile Kind

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Joining Mendix: From the Corporate Grind to the Agile Kind

/ October 12, 2010

A new employee shares her experience joining the Mendix team…

The switch from an IT Analyst position at a global financial services firm with over 60,000 employees to a Sales Architect role at an IT start-up company almost 100 people strong has been nothing short of exhilarating.

My introduction to our Dutch roots in August was a most welcoming reception.  Although IT Analysts at a large financial institution are valued, there is an extremely slim chance of spending quality time with managing directors and an even smaller chance of meeting the CEO.  In contrast, sharing thoughts and ideas in an informal setting is considered the norm here at Mendix; your words and actions are appreciated by your colleagues.  Our CEO makes it a point to share his ideas about the future of our company, and truly respects and provokes our opinions.

Most importantly, the shift of priorities is noticeable, wherein Mendix focuses on our customers first, with no political agenda or conflict to slow us down.  The change management process requiring business unit and project stakeholder sign-offs before even thinking about a prototype is simply not necessary.  Extensive SDLC hiccups like the scoping and requirements gathering process disappear.  Our agile platform allows us to leverage clients’ knowledge about their business processes, often coming up with custom solutions in just days versus years spent writing Java code and using Savvion to design a workflow system.

Such instant gratification coupled with lightning-fast turnaround on projects (in comparison to my experience in the corporate world) is very exciting!  The motivation factor here at Mendix is undeniable, a complete reversal of the unreachable ROI and disappointing project status reports often faced in my old world.  In my 6 years of experience at a large financial institution I noticed people tended to drag their feet and claim “that is not their job” for fear of being responsible for some negative outcome.  Life at Mendix is a pleasurable experience given the community feel, liberating environment, and the high tech, user-friendly product we are all so happy to be a part of.

As a Sales Architect I am able to leverage my IT background but not required to sit in a cubicle writing code all day, avoiding interaction with others.  As an IT Analyst at a major investment bank, distraction from my Eclipse IDE meant I would have to explain to my manager why we need to modify the project plan yet again.  Here at Mendix, working hand-in-hand with clients and team members means we are able to produce custom solutions at a more rapid pace, with input from those involved throughout the process.  Everyone is so supportive, friendly and happy to be here.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blogs.  Next up … discussions on efficiencies the Mendix Business Modeler creates for developers, and the headaches it would have saved me in my previous role!

Best Regards,

Justine Bailey | Sales Architect Mendix