Major Refurbishment of Mendix Academy

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Major Refurbishment of Mendix Academy

Major Refurbishment of Mendix Academy by Gosia Pytel

Recognizing that users need help progressing in their low-code journey, we created Mendix Academy. Mendix Academy exists solely to extend your low-code development knowledge, help work through issues you’re having with an app you’re developing in Mendix, and train you in the art of low-code. Mendix Academy offers a variety of online learning paths that you can follow at your own pace to study and extend your skills in how to use Mendix. There are easy-to-grasp courses about how to build a simple app, as well as more advanced and expert courses on the intricacies of low-code programming that can lead you to proficiency.

But, as John F. Kennedy said, “Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” So as the Mendix platform has advanced from version 7 to Mendix 8, so has Mendix Academy. It continually grows to make sure you can find the learning paths and modules helpful and relevant. Here’s a rundown of the latest updates and changes!

Out with the old, in with the new

The most visible change that you’ll see in the learning paths is with the names, screenshots used, and any references made to the Mendix platform. Across all online resources, instead of Web Modeler and Desktop Modeler, you’ll see these referred to as Mendix Studio and Studio Pro, respectively.

Also, the old version of our flagship “Become a Rapid Developer” learning path went under the microscope to address concerns you reported. Because collaboration and Agile methodologies are core to the Mendix platform, we reviewed the user stories used in “Become a Rapid Developer,” and they’re now more closely and clearly linked to the case study. We’ve also updated the graphics to add some freshness and dynamism to what was previously static.

Beyond the technical changes, we also updated modules to be more relevant and detailed. As the topics of data privacy and mobile access are trending, we reviewed our content to reflect the current safety standards and technological advancements you come across with those trends.

And, last but not least, the knowledge checks and the final exam were updated as well, you’ll find them to be more accurate and concise!

If it ain’t broke

Of course, we made sure to keep doing what you all love. We analyzed the feedback you provided (which you can submit any time using the Feedback widget available on the learning paths).
How to submit Mendix Academy module feedback

It was clear to us that you all loved the modular setup of the learning paths, which we have left untouched. With this configuration, you can choose the less technical-oriented path of a business analyst, or jump straight into developer mode. You can still start from the beginning or choose any module to continue your journey. Such diversity is always well received as it allows us to tailor the experience to fit one’s own needs.

A small refresher was administered to other learning paths as well, bringing them up for Mendix 8 version.

Don’t stop achieving

On the Mendix Academy portal, you will find many courses dealing with both beginner and advanced topics to help you deepen your Mendix expertise and lead you to be the best in the field. And if something is not there, be sure to contact Mendix Academy with suggestions – let’s go make it together!

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