March 2015: What's New In the Mendix App Store

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March 2015: What’s New In the Mendix App Store

March 2015: What’s New In the Mendix App Store by Mendix

The March 2015 digest of widgets, themes, and modules that have been published or updated in the Mendix App Store. Find out what’s new and put them to use!

YouTube Widget

Published on 3/17/2105 by Simon Martyr of Finaps

This widget allows you to embed YouTube videos that are stored in entities. This can allow you to build a video gallery or list of videos where ever necessary. The widget is simple to use taking a string attribute and returns you the embed YouTube clip. Get it Here

Flex Slider Widget

Published on 3/17/2015 by Marcus Groen of Incentro

You can use this widget to create sliders and slideshows in your Mendix apps. It uses FlexSlider, an awesome, fully responsive jQuery slider toolkit. The best responsive slider. Period. Get it Here

Keyboard Shortcut Widget

Published on 3/17/2015 by Eric Tieniber

This widget allows to connect any clickable object on your page with a keyboard shortcut. Your power users will love the ability to fly around the application without needing a mouse! For example, set the ‘escape’ key to activate your cancel or close button or set ‘ctrl+shift+n’ to activate your new button. Get it Here

Calendar Widget

Updated on 3/18/2015 by Roeland Salij

This widget shows a Calendar and can render objects as events in it. Get it Here

Bootstrap Wysiwyg Editor Widget

Updated on 3/19/2015 by Pauline Oudeman

Basic, bootstrap based, rich text editor for Mendix 5. Get it Here

Document Viewer Widget

Updated on 3/20/2015 by Roeland Salij

Ever wanted to display a document inside your application? This widget lets you embed any System.FileDocument objects inside your forms. Get it Here

Boolean Slider Widget

Published on 3/20/2015 by Chad Evens

Provides an input control to replace the checkbox with a boolean slider. Get it Here

Postal Code API Module

Published on 3/24/2015 by Jan Blok of Jolie IT

This module provides an integration with the postcode API ( Get it Here

jQueryUI Date-Picker Widget

Updated on 3/25/2105 by Bart Rikers of Grummele Pudding

A simple alternative to the built-in Mendix datepicker, that uses the jQueryUI Datepicker Get it Here

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