May the Fourth Be With You: - Win an App Enabled BB-9E Droid

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May the Fourth Be With You: A Galaxy of Tools and Methods

/ May 3, 2018
Starwars Blog Post

To celebrate May the 4th, we’re excited to give away a darkside BB-9E smartphone controlled droid. Read on to learn more.

In 1977, we met a galaxy far far away, and simultaneously, we met a new vision for cinematography once thought to be far far away. Audiences around the world would have to change what they thought was possible in a movie. New angles, new sets, new effects, and new stories all reshaping the future of movies…and shattering viewer expectations along with it.

The future was then and the future is now. New consumer experiences have reimagined expectations within the technology and application space. B2B industries are no longer safe from the high-end, high-polish, and high expectations of the app-loving consumer.

When there were swords, now lightsabers. Lines of code, now visual models.”  Twitter Logo

The trickle-down effect of high-quality consumer experiences is changing how businesses tackle problems and build apps. We now live in a galaxy of soaring business demands; new experiences and products must match this new expectation or risk being left behind on Tatooine.

Applications created using past tools and methods are now detrimental to your brand and new user adoption. When time-to-market was unessential, now it is a paradigm for success. When there were swords, now lightsabers. Lines of code, now visual models. If in 1977 the future of the movie industry was to change forever, it was not because they relied on old methods of storytelling and cinematography, but because they looked for new tools and methods. The future of application development is low-code.Enter to Win a Star Wars Sphero BB-9E app enabled droid

Entering in the Mendix May the Fourth contest is easy:

Write a fun code or app related Star Wars pun and tweet @Mendix with the hashtags #Maythefourth and #Maythe4th

Build or build not, there is no code.”  Twitter Logo

We will select our favorite to win the darkside BB-9E droid.

Good luck and happy building!