Mendix 3.1 Released: Your feedback has been accepted.

Mendix 3.1 has been released today. Quite a few improvements have been made since the release of Mendix 3.0: 8 new features, 17 improvements and 59 small fixes.

We advocate user feedback strongly within Agile Application Lifecycle Management, therefore virtually all improvements are based upon  feedback from users, and so we thank you for helping us improve our technology!

One of the more notable benefits of Mendix 3.1 is that merging has been made more intuitive and powerful. You can now see which revisions have been merged before, and revert deleted documents, folders and modules, allowing seamless collaboration within a project team.

Another big step forward with Mendix 3.1 is error messaging and sanity checks. We now allow you (and us) to diagnose problems earlier and more specifically, making user feedback even more actionable for development teams. We are fully aware that the dialogue between an end user and a project team should be as flawless as possible.

Also important to note is that version numbering has changed and 3.1.0 is a minor release.

There is a lot more included in this release. Check out the release notes in the Support Portal for a complete overview.


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